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February 2018 was a busy month for Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security. Here's a brief summary of the updates:

Enhancements to threat detection 

There has been a noticeable shift in the approach, towards threat detection and protection, with moves from a product-focused approach towards a user case-driven approach. Greater visibility into user activities provides better control, so new enhancements to threat protection capabilities are taking the issue of investigation and remediation of cloud apps to a new level.

Cloud App Security will now detect even the most sophisticated threats a lot quicker in Microsoft Cloud App Security and Office 365 Cloud App Security. Furthermore, more data is exposed from the Microsoft detection engine to give a faster investigation process and to contain any ongoing threats.

The introduction of several new policies represents different detection and use case scenarios, and these replace the General Anomaly Detection policies. Each new policy is representative of a key security use case and they all feature learning mechanisms to cut out possibilities of false positive alerts. The activity log within Alert Investigation has also been updated with a new "User Insights" feature to provide important information regarding alerts.

Anybody using Microsoft Cloud App Security or Office 365 Cloud App Security will already have seen these new features enabled. You can read the full post here.

Update 1802 

Technical Preview branch release 1802 is now available for Configuration Manager Technical Preview console, so it's possible to check out a range of new features within the test environment.

Available improvements include:

• OSD - improvements to Windows 10 task sequencing and a deployment template for task sequences.

• Cloud Management Gateway

• Azure AD joined devices can now browse and install applications from the Software Centre.

• Windows 10 and Office 365 - available support for ARM64 devices and settings for Microsoft Edge browsing policies.

The full range of updates can be viewed on the Update 1802 blog post.

Azure AD Application Proxy offers faster application deployments 

Power Shell can now be utilised to manage on premises applications more easily and offers quicker deployment, allowing an automated process.
Preview the new release here and find out more about it on the Microsoft website.

Public preview of Azure AD naming policy 

Office 365 Groups now offers a naming policy, making it easier to apply consistent naming policies and block certain words being used in names or aliases. Naming policies help users to identify from which geographic area, office, or department a group was created. The new naming policy is available in public preview for Azure AD premium customers only.

You can read more about it here.

Microsoft and Pradeo Security partnership 

Microsoft and Pradeo have announced an integration between EMS, as part of the Microsoft 365 modern workplace, and the security solution from Pradeo. This provides an automated, advanced and adaptive way to enhance and manage mobile security for Android and iOS devices, making sure only trusted devices have the ability to access business resources. Pradeo provides real time technology for threat detection which is based on AI processes to combine real time analytics with machine learning to offer a variety of functions. Learn more from the Microsoft blog.

Keep up to date with further Enterprise Mobility and Security updates on our news section.

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