Microsoft EM+S | May 2018 Updates

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Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility and Security (EM+S) platform is designed to help your clients protect their security and manage access to information across a range of devices.

Over the course of April, Microsoft released three crucial new updates to this useful platform: better solutions to Remote Desktop Session Host issues, new System Configuration Manager features to test, and an update to the Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics tool. As a reseller, these valuable new updates can be used to promote the EM+S platform and demonstrate Microsoft's decisive responses to customer needs.

This post will cover the main thrust of each update and how they can benefit end users.

Remote Desktop Session Host problems: new ways to resolve them 

For those who administrate Remote Desktop Session Host systems, it can sometimes prove difficult to work out why certain applications are loading slowly across a network - and that’s where numerical data can help.

Last month, the Microsoft EM+S team announced that they were introducing two additional counters to the current suite - User Input Delay per Session, and User Input Delay per Process. These will join other existing measures, such as Disk I/O or CPU (central processing unit) performance.

The idea behind expanding this range of metrics is to give administrators as many different quantitative measures to analyse as possible in the hope that one of them holds the key to improving Remote Desktop performance across the organisation. In this way, it holds the potential for your clients to improve productivity and efficiency - especially if their teams are distributed across multiple locations and need to log in from afar.

System Center Configuration Manager: new features to test 

For those EM+S users who want to test changes to the System Center Configuration Manager by using the Technical Preview Branch function, April saw a whole raft of new features uploaded to the system for experimentation.

Changes to the platform's infrastructure include the ability to exclude sub-containers marked as "Active Directory" if you find that searching often ends with too many objects being served, while it's also now possible to test the movement of an entire content repository from one location on your website's standard server to a remote or cloud-based location.

New test features available in the Software Center, meanwhile, include the ability to have the client automatically uninstall an application in the event that the application's permissions get retracted. In addition, test users can now also stipulate whether or not they want a link to the Application Catalog to be visible.

More generally, the latest update also gives test users the ability to experiment with the display of primary user information when browsing a collection. To access this feature, users can head to "Assets and Compliance" and then "Device Collections". Test users are now also able to submit feedback in a more streamlined and efficient manner: the "Send a Smile" function allows you to pass on your responses (whether positive or constructive) to those behind Configuration Manager.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics updates 

Finally, the updates to Microsoft EM+S include a range of additional features for the Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics tool, which allows users to locate where ongoing threats to their networks lie and act to prevent them from causing problems.

In the increasingly security-conscious world of today, the new features of this platform are likely to be particularly appealing to clients looking to counteract the ever-present threat of hackers. These include better investigation functions, such as the ability to produce laterally-focused movement reports which demonstrate what steps a malicious force may use if they access your network, as well as extra detection mechanisms designed to locate and flag up any unusual service creation events on a client's domain control system.

Clients who are looking to go above and beyond with security, meanwhile, will be able to use the new manual tagging feature in Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics to locate identities which are particularly at risk and make sure they are protected.

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