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As we head towards the end of the year, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is showing no signs of slowing down, consistently releasing and evolving their existing formula with new product updates and tools that make your life easier. Microsoft's latest update to roll out is the Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1810, announced on the 3rd of October and featuring some exciting new things to see and do.

So what's included in this month's preview? Read on to find out more.

Management Insights

The focus of this month's update, and the most intuitive and appealing design yet, preview 1810 takes a closer look at insights with its brand new insights tool for management. Not only does this new update offer you a better way to view data and information quickly and easily, but it also presents it in an attractive and easy-to-access dashboard; allowing for better categorisation by importance as well as easier reporting.

The dashboard will also include new ways to manage your information, allowing ratings of importance from the Optional through to the Critical, as well as offering an insights index for management that provides a fast and practical way to review as well as search rules by group, name, status, priority and more.

Policy of App Compliance Now Required for All Co-Managed Devices

As part of the overall compliance policies for the app, users will now be able to define any policy rules for compliance within the Configuration Manager, which is for all required applications.

Driver Maintenance Improvements

Added metadata fields are now available as driver packages, allowing users to tag specific driver packages - or order to gain extra data and information that can assist in day-to-day housekeeping, as well as help identify any unused or old drivers and systems that can be removed.

Existing Devices Receive Support for Native Task Sequence

This latest update will introduce a brand new sequence template for tasks, which can be utilised to upgrade Windows 7 OS-run devices, by using new provisioning with Windows Autopilot.

Configuration Manager Provides Help for Assessment of Co-Managed Devices

For compliance policies created within the Configuration Manager, this update offers further functionality to analyse and understand the compliance statuses of any devices that are co-managed, by passing policy information on to Intune. The Software Centre will now display results of these combined checks within both Configuration Manager and Intune.

New Options for Boundary Groups

Users will now have access to new settings, of which there are two, within boundary groups, allowing for further configuration. "Prefer distribution points over peers" and "Prefer cloud distribution points over distribution points"; each offers increased content distribution control.

Improvements to Reporting Within Co-Management

An improved dashboard is now available with enhanced guidance about Co-Management and required information.

Enhanced Support of Boundary Group Relationships

For task sequences, increased support is not available to help determine the right order for the retrieval of content - based on the relationships of the boundary group.

Expanded CMPivot

Real, one-to-one time access is now available for information regarding extended inventory.

New Actions for Client Notification

Users can now use right click upon a device to wake it up through a client notification.

Improvements on OData Endpoint

Configuration Manager has been redesigned to provide a OData RESTful endpoint when accessing any Configuration Manager information or data.

Documentation Functionality

Through the Documentation node, users can now view and report upon specifically curated data regarding the Manager for System Center Configuration within the console of the Configuration Manager.

Microsoft's latest update 1810 is now available to all users through the console Configuration Manager Technical Preview. 

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