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Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella’s corenote opened the final full day of the Microsoft partner event in Las Vegas, Inspire, yesterday Wednesday 17 July 2019.

Nadella began his presentation with, “We’re going to celebrate the year we’ve had. We’re going to look forward to the opportunity ahead.“

He continued, the “depth and breadth of opportunity is what we celebrate ... that’s what’s captured in our mission to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.”

Nadella went on to emphasise major successes and key developments, including for AzureDynamics 365 and Microsoft 365.



Nadella explained that the “explosion of compute and data” is what’s driving Microsoft’s development of Azure to be the “world’s computer” - made possible with the now 54 datacentre regions, to include the latest to be created in the Middle East and Africa. He evidenced the ‘explosion of compute and data’ as the 50b devices expected to be connected to the cloud by 2030, that 90% of data that exists today having been created in the last two year, to the 1b users of Windows, and 2b smartphones used across the globe.

Everything across Azure is being built “with openness” and Nadella cited as first class applications and infrastructure in Windows and Linux, . Java and .NET, SQL Server, Postgres, Red Hat, VMware, Oracle.  

Limitless data estate:

Due to the growth of data, Microsoft has been working for last seven years on completely rewriting the data stack, using new memory hierarchy, and rethinking what a database looks like. This has led to SQL hyperscale, which brings limitless scale capabilities to SQL server.

Nadella stressed the importance of AI and machine learning to the partner network, and referred to democratising AI, through making training and tools available, the services, the ability to customise and assemble multiple models.  

Intelligent Edge

Nadella talked about “taking the cloud to the edge,” and providing “consistency in operating models, that means management security. Consistency in the development environment and the tech stacks.”

While Nadella outlined the uses for various types of organisations, from petrol stations to hospitals, it was the Starbucks story that captured the audience’s imagination, and the Azure Sphere present in every espresso machine, controlling everything from water quality to the quality of the expresso.

Nadella: that’s the ”power of ubiquitous computing, that’s the power of Azure and its edge.”

Power Platform


Highlighting that the number of apps expected to be created over the next five years - 500m - is greater than the total created over the past 40 years, while 73% of the data that exists today is not being analysed as it’s in silos in these applications. The dual challenge is to ensure that all this data is related - building apps to do this - while acknowledging that there will not be sufficient professional developer capability moving forward. Therefore, Microsoft is working to connect the apps, and empower citizen developers.

Nadella: "Empowering citizen developers is what the Power Platform has been built for. It's great to see the momentum--whether it's on Power BI, whether it's Flow or PowerApps.”

Power Platform builds on Azure services, with connectivity back to Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365. As well as utilising favourite apps - for example, -SAP, Adobe, Workday, Salesforce - partners can take the opportunity to  create a microservice to share with a PowerApp developer.

Dynamics 365

Nadella: “91% of Fortune 500 are already using Dynamics 365.”

Dynamics 365 now offers modules for every business function, with AI increasingly incorporated into modules.


Introducing the new set of modules that are insight modules, Nadella outlined the type of analysis that can be carried out - such as predicting a sales pipeline, improving customer service, and - as non-one as yet is deploying these modules - described the opportunity as a “great way” for partners to grow their own strategic business.

Mixed reality cloud


Nadella described HoloLens 2 as “an absolute breakthrough”, with out-of-the-box and third-party applications taking advantage of mixed reality cloud.

Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 is therefore being developed to bring ‘knowledge workers’ and first-line workers together, and empowering them, and the last year has seen “tremendous momentum”, with 95% of Fortune 500 now using Microsoft 365.

And Nadella finished with the fantastic news about Teams: “The one product that has had an absolute breakout year is Teams. Teams is the hub for teamwork. It's really four things in one. It has chat. It has meetings. It brings together collaboration, using all the richness of Office tools, within that same scaffolding. It's the business process workflow. That's what Teams is about. It defies even the category definitions that are there out in the marketplace. And that's what's driving this tremendous momentum."

If you’d like to see the recording of Satya Nadella’s presentation, you can do so via the Microsoft Inspire website.

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