Microsoft launches new Kaizala Pro

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Microsoft launches new Kaizala Pro

You may already have experience of the popular free mobile messaging app Kaizala from Microsoft. The recent launch of the Pro version (handily called Kaizala Pro), however, opens up new reselling opportunities to customers. Priced at $1.51 per user per month, the Pro version includes extra features. But what exactly does it include?

All the standard Kaizala functionality

The great news, to begin with, is that all the standard functionality is still present in Kaizala Pro. This means customers will get an easy to use mobile chat app that helps improve communication across their whole company. Not only that, but it will help them connect with people outside of their organisation too when required. Secure and easy to operate via the Management Portal, all that is needed is a valid phone number for each person. With offline support included and many fabulous features from sending out surveys to in-built reporting, the ability to send attachments and various work management tools, this app is a superb business tool.


What does Kaizala Pro offer extra?

Of course, the first question many customers will ask when enquiring about the Pro version is what extra features it delivers. Here is a run-down of the most useful of them:

  • Complete user management - gain complete control over Kaizala Pro groups. Remove users from them if needed and wipe group data from a device. 
  • Handy group management - looking after Groups is even simpler with additional management tools in the Pro version. 
  • Set-up custom actions - customers can cater to their specific business needs by creating custom actions in Kaizala Pro. Get the actions they need to gain the insights they want. 
  • Control public groups - the Management Portal can be used to create public groups as required. From colleagues to stakeholders and staff, they can be set up exactly as needed. 
  • Total system integration with unique APIs - customers can integrate and automate other key business systems with the innovative Kaizala Pro APIs. 
  • Advanced analytics and reporting - go beyond standard Kaizala reporting with premium grade insights into data collected. More detailed reports mean more detailed information for customers to plan from.

The above gives just a flavour of the extra tools present in the premium version of this app for your customers. It really is a very powerful communication platform to help them connect their whole company together.

Microsoft hit it out of the park again

Anyone who has used Kaizala already knows how simple yet effective it is. The newly launched Pro version keeps this amazing functionality but adds extra features on top. This makes it even more effective for customers who want a mobile messaging app to connect office staff, field staff, vendors, stakeholders and beyond.

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