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Michael Frisby
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Michael Frisby, Vuzion Managing Director, writes …

Today is the day Microsoft formally launches the latest evolution of the CSP Program – New Commerce Experience (NCE) ‘Per Seat’ for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform subscriptions. 

This change marks a major milestone on Microsoft’s journey towards providing a simplified and unified platform for purchasing Microsoft software and cloud services. 

We understand that this is a substantial change from Microsoft, which requires significant adjustments for customers and partners alike.  For the last 9 months, Vuzion has been preparing to ensure we are in the best position possible to support our partners through this change. 

We are delighted to confirm that Vuzion is ready for this next phase of CSP and in fact we have already helped partners transact NCE Per Seat subscriptions.  The entire Vuzion team is primed and ready to ensure that we support our partners in every way possible through this period of change.  

The transition to NCE Per Seat is unavoidable, and Microsoft has defined a relatively short transition timetable, but it does offer a range of benefits for both partners and customers.  These include 

  • New monthly and 3-year subscription terms 

  • Increased partners incentives (for eligible partners) 

  • Launch promo to support the cost of transition 

  • All new services and offers will only be made available on NCE 

Improved Microsoft Incentives 

At Vuzion we want to ensure that that you are taking full advantage of the available incentives and promotions Microsoft are making available to support the launch of NCE Per Seat. 

  • Microsoft 365 core incentive increased from 4% to 5% (an increase of 25%)

  • Dynamics 365 and Power Platform incentives increased to 5%  

  • All incentives will be paid as 100% rebate 

If you are not eligible to receive Microsoft incentives, please work with your Vuzion account manager who can help you build a plan to start earning these increased incentives. 

Launch Promotions 

Microsoft are making two launch promotions available for partners and as promised, we are passing these on in full to all Vuzion partners. 

  • Annual-term 5% discount on all eligible* NCE Per Seat subscriptions purchased from 10th January to 31st March 2022.  The discount from Microsoft is off the wholesale price not the customer RRP and is applicable for the first 12 months of each eligible NCE subscription or the remaining term on migrated subscriptions.   

  • Monthly-term 20% discount on the new monthly subscriptions, up to the end of June 2022. 

You can choose how to use these launch promos, to either cover your costs of the change, increase your margins, or pass on to your customers to secure their subscriptions. (Don't forget that Microsoft release promotions in PST time zones, so they will not be available in the UK/Ireland until Monday evening.) 

Vuzion CORE has been updated so that you automatically receive the new lower buy price for eligible** NCE subscriptions. 

Unparalleled Experience 

Vuzion is the first, and so far only, Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider to have helped all partners move their legacy CSP Azure subscriptions to Azure Plan under NCE.  From the end of January any Azure subscriptions not under NCE will lose all margin and incentives.  If you still have Azure subscriptions not yet moved to NCE, contact the team to understand how Vuzion can help you make the change and keep your margins and incentives. 

Our experience with the transition to Azure Plan, alongside the system upgrades we have put in place and will continue to make, provides us with the confidence to know we can help you to move your customers as smoothly as possible to NCE Per Seat, and not only secure, but increase your margins, incentives and ensure you have access to the latest Microsoft promotions. 

Here to Help 

At Vuzion we pride ourselves in helping our partners turn challenges into opportunities. If you need help, get in touch via or call 0333 009 5890 (ROI +353 1 695 0093)

For existing Vuzion partners, please do use the NCE Per Seat Hub in the Vuzion Partner Portal. You will find a variety of useful resources from webinar recordings to FAQ’s.   

Our go-to-market resources in Vuzion GROW have been updated to help you with communicating changes to your customers.  

If you are interested in partnering with Vuzion, please click here to book an initial consultation with one of our team.  


* T's and C's apply - capped at 2400 seats per customer tenant eligibility for first two points - need to be enrolled in MCI incentives   

** Promotion eligibility is determined by Microsoft as detailed in the promo-guide 

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