Microsoft Power BI | March 2019 Update

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Available to access through the Windows Store or to download, this month’s Power BI updates are something your customers will love.

Fab new reporting features

As a platform for boosting business intelligence, Microsoft Power BI relies heavily on its reporting functions.

A new single-slice option enables much quicker user interaction by allowing a single filter option. Radio buttons have also been added to the on-screen menu for faster results when choosing the desired element. Your customers can better track their sales data with the new heat map function. It’s also been introduced in combination with Bing maps which is fully customisable.

Other superb reporting updates for March 2019 include:

  • ability to cross highlight by axis label
  • option to format default tooltips in report visuals
  • link to specific websites in reports through a shape, button or image
  • filter pane improved to make it easier for consumers
  • ability to align report pages to top view
  • a quick way to rename report titles by double-clicking in Selection Pane
  • zoom button function and adjustable map point sizes for users
  • ability to access specific data points for report visuals

Analytic updates for March 2019

One of the major updates around Analytics for Microsoft Power BI this month is in Q&A. The explorer dialog box will now include a 'Did you mean' function to improve Q&A results. The other main change is that the hierarchy is shown for each Date column in the field list.

Modelling also gets a new look

Many customers will love the new Modelling view within Power BI that is generally available now. With multiple layouts now on screen and other fantastic additions like being able to drag & drop into display folders, it is a great move by Microsoft. Powerful new DAX functions have also been built into the March upgrades with the LookUp Value function now containing an optional last parameter to help avoid errors.

Custom visuals

What is new in terms of custom visuals for March 2019 in Microsoft Power BI?

  • Certified custom visual setting in admin portal for greater control of visuals
  • Craydec Regression chart which allows for data to be plotted on a scatter chart with no aggregation
  • Power Slicer function that means users can easily add filters to categories

Data connectivity

One interesting preview update this month is the support added in the PDF connector for certain kinds of table spanning multiple pages. This should bring extra functionality and convenience into Microsoft Power BI for users. As well as this, Industrial Plant's App store connector gives users the opportunity to apply Microsoft's powerful analytic tools to real-time or historic processing data. A new Azure Cost Management connector also makes it simple for users to access their costs and usage within Azure.

For a more detailed look at the above, check out this video:


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