Microsoft SharePoint | November 2018 Update

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SharePoint November 2018 Update

Microsoft SharePoint rolled out some fresh updates in November – as featured on the monthly podcast Roadmap Pitstop.

We’ve summarised these new updates below:

Megamenu navigation

The option to enhance the space and value of your site navigation means that you can have several hierarchy levels at the same time without the need for any fly-outs. The result is that you will be better able to showcase and organise relevant content and sites below the hub site.

Updated ‘change the look’ panel

This update means that there is now a fresh tab interface for the different site settings, including theme, heading, navigation and footer – which a site editor can access via a fly-out edit point on the right-hand side.

New website header and footer options

Site owners can now reclaim a bit of the vertical space at the top of their website, and use it to highlight content from the main page. The three new choices include standard, compact and minimal. As you alter your website’s look, you can now include a site footer displaying any commonly needed information at the bottom of your website.

Create an associated website from inside a hub

You can now link satellite websites to a hub site more easily by associating them automatically, and by creating them from within the hub site. There’s a ‘new site’ button directly on the hub, which you can tap to associate it with the hub site automatically.

Web and mobile @mentions in page or news comments

Want to @mention someone within the comments section of a news article and bring them into the discussion? Now you can. Thanks to this new feature, it’s never been easier to include someone and engage them in what's happening around you.

Add a Teams team instance in a single click

With just a single click of the newly added Connect to Teams button in the bottom left of your SharePoint site, you can connect your group-connected team site to a chat-based teamwork hub.

Speedier dialogue box for adding pages and lists as tabs in Teams

Tab easily between pages, news items and lists to draw people into your hub swiftly for teamwork. Equally, you can select a new thumbnail and page description to offer more page details.

Yammer conversations

Integrate chats from any part of Yammer into any part of SharePoint so that you can enjoy an interactive Yammer experience right in SharePoint.

At the same time, you can now also embed YouTube links – and you no longer have to manually enter data when you want data to be presented visually via Quick Charts. Just choose a list on the current website.

Additionally, SharePoint admins can now hide the Twitter, YouTube and Kindle web parts from the toolbox.

SharePoint Server 2019

This represents a fresh SharePoint generation, complete with fresh, contemporary user experiences that are both familiar and intuitive.

These include the ability to have hundreds or thousands of active users collaborate as members of one team, with people being added automatically.

The availability of intelligence capabilities in Steam is also being expanded to extra Office 365 plans, while SharePoint migration tools are being updated at the same time.

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