Microsoft Teams | November 2018 Update

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Microsoft has released a whole host of new features for Teams this month - here are the most important updates:

Organisation wide teams

For small to medium-sized organisations, company communication can be a tricky task. Organisation-wide emails and distribution lists are an outdated way of contacting employees, often getting lost in a deluge of other inbound mail. With the introduction of organisation wide teams, Microsoft Teams makes it simple to be part of a collaborative, open, unified team within your business - automatically.

The introduction of 'org-wide' teams as a feature means that global administrators are now capable of easily creating public teams, which automatically invite every user registered with a specific business or organisation. A powerful feature of this update is how membership is kept up to date and fully accurate with 'Active Directory', vastly reducing the time-consuming administrative task of updating the list as employees join and leave.

For convenience, the only users capable of creating these org-wide teams are global administrators. As it currently stands, the limit on an org-wide team is 2,500 users - although this could be subject to change as extensive user testing is carried out. Setting up is simple: if your organisation meets requirements, admins will see 'Org-wide' as an option (under the Privacy heading) when creating a team.

App layering in private messages

The November update of Microsoft Teams has also brought a powerful new feature to private chats: the ability to add dozens of apps as tabs. Previously restricted to channel only discussions, this feature empowers individuals with a whole host of new productivity tools.

Collected in a single, unified hub, individuals can quickly and easily use whatever application they need to get the job done. Whether that's signing or exchanging documentation with Adobe, keeping a tight handle on project deadlines with Trello, or even tracking complex data analytics figures with Power BI, you'll be able to get it done within a private chat window.

This has a distinct advantage to purely being available on channels - namely, the flexibility to complete tasks with a much more immediate team. This integration also optimises efficiency by reducing the need to switch back and forth between tasks, slashing the risk of human error and improving process flow. Ultimately, it means individuals across an organisation have much greater chances to process all necessary information, make important decisions faster and take decisive action earlier.

That's the roundup of November updates. However, Teams is constantly updating, evolving and improving so be sure to check back next month for the latest round of updates.

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