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teams-update-sept-2019Microsoft Teams is a great business tool which many organisations use to improve collaboration and productivity. As with any piece of cutting-edge tech, it is continuously being developed and updated to improve. Keeping on top of these updates as a re-seller is key, so you can talk knowledgeably about them with clients. With that in mind, here are the most interesting ones released by Microsoft for September 2019.

Chat and collaboration

Most of your clients will have many different conversations going on in Teams at once. This can make finding the right thread tricky for them at times. New filters have been added into Chat to help with this. All your clients need to do is type in the person's name in Chat to filter for every type of conversation they have ever had with them.

Masses of new Calling updates

Calling within Microsoft Teams has also undergone a few updates. An important one to know about is the secondary ringer function. This allows users to be notified of any incoming calls via their computer, even if they are wearing a headset so they do not miss them. Cloud voicemail has also been tweaked to offer more. Users can now transfer calls to Cloud voicemail directly and configure their voicemail to their own preference in 'Team Settings'.

Sometimes your clients may get a call in Teams from a PSTN caller but not know who it is. This has now been fixed for desktop users so a PSTN caller's ID will be displayed. On the subject of calls, your customers will also be happy to know that Chrome has now been added to the list of browsers which allow calls to be made from them. Microsoft Teams has also seen some updates in relation to Microsoft 365 GCC. From call handling enhancements to group call pickup, the new updates here are a big step forward for how GCC users are dealt with in Teams.

Updates to Meetings

A new function for desktop Teams in September is 'Meet Now' which enables users to go into a meeting with no invitation needed. It is as easy as going into the Calendar in Teams, select the 'Meet Now' option and add in who should be there. Microsoft has also used these updates to tweak the meeting layout function. Users can now customise this to pin various participants and change their own view of any meeting layout.

One other interesting update is the missed meeting notification. This alerts users to any missed meeting notifications and also allows them to join the meeting if it is still going on. Microsoft has also added new joining capabilities for meetings. Now, participants can join in with Teams meetings on Safari, Firefox and IE 11 browsers.

That's it for September! As you can see it was quite a busy time for Microsoft Teams in September. Stay tuned for the next batch of updates in October or give us a call if you have any queries.

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