Microsoft Teams Update | April 2018

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This month sees multiple promising updates become part of Microsoft Teams, potentially helping to boost productivity and simplify more difficult processes. Read on and find out the latest Microsoft Teams updates that may change the way users use the organisational platform.

Increased guest access

Guest access to Microsoft Teams is now inclusive of anyone who has a valid email address. This is inclusive of consumer email accounts, such as or, rather than being restricted only to business accounts. Thanks to this update, remote working from home or on the go is even easier and accessing Microsoft Teams on mobile devices or personal devices is much easier too.

Improved call notifications

Users who have the Calls button app that is visible on the left-hand side of teams, will be familiar with the confusion that often occurs when it comes to receiving call notifications. For many, these aren't visible enough and caller notifications will disappear into the activity feed. Microsoft Teams has now altered this, to ensure that these call notifications are clearer to see and easier to interact with. 

By clicking the missed call notification, users will be taken to their call history tab, with an option to call back. When they click on a fresh voicemail notification, they'll be directed to the voicemail tab. Here, they will easily be able to hear a message or view a transcript.

For those who are missing the calls button app that is visible on the left of the screen, users will begin to receive notifications that are limited to missed calls. When they click on a missed call notification, they will be taken straight to their chat with the caller, where they'll use this page to send a message or start a new call.

New language support

With an already extensive language database that is ideal for global businesses and networking, Microsoft Teams now supports Indonesian, Romanian, and Vietnamese languages.

Even more channels for every team

Ideal for big businesses or fast-growing start-ups, users now have the ability to create up to 200 channels per team, including channels that have been deleted. This is brilliant news for multi-area companies that may need specific channels to discuss work. It can help boost productivity by keeping channels relevant, clear and direct to the purpose, rather than muddied with multiple conversations that may not be suited to certain people.

An extra tab for managing tasks and projects

Called the MeisterTask tab, this new tab can be added at the top of any channel, enabling everyone to keep track of shared projects and tasks. This is a simple, direct and clear way to ensure that priority work remains at the top of everyone's to-do list.

The ability to add inline images to Wikipedia

For added convenience, users are now able to use Microsoft Teams to insert images into a Wikipedia page. This can simply be achieved by clicking the image button (this is at the top of the page) when editing a section, and selecting something from their computer or their OneDrive account.

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