MileIQ now supports Azure Active Directory

Mark Terry
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Microsoft's Azure Active Directory (AAD) has become a key IT tool for helping organisations handle mobile or remote workers. Recent news from Microsoft has seen popular mileage tracking app MileIQ now supporting AAD. This will make it simple for your mobile workers to use any MileIQ entitlement they may have.

What is MileIQ?

You may be well aware of Microsoft AAD but not be quite so sure what MileIQ offers. In simple terms, it is a mileage logging and tracking mobile app. Once downloaded to use, it will help staff who travel as part of their role to keep an accurate record of their mileage. This is easy to do via the automatic mileage tracking feature and makes dealing with travel expense claims much simpler.

What does this mean for mobile workers?

This is great news for all businesses with staff who are not office-based. By enabling MileIQ to support AAD, it means your workers can log their miles in a more accurate, more convenient way. The app itself is straightforward to use - once downloaded, staff just sign-in with the relevant Office 365 email address. This will then give them access to all the features of this fantastic app including unlimited drive plans. Available to use on both iOS and Android, it is a great tool to make everyone's life easier.

Set and forget

As well as MileIQ being handy for staff submitting mileage claims on their expenses, it will help your business to obtain correct mileage data for tax purposes too. If you have a fleet of mobile workers, then it is certainly quicker than receiving barely legible paper claim forms from them all!

Once launched, the app sits in the background of a user’s smartphone and keeps an automatic note of all the journeys done for business purposes. This is great for mobile staff who can forget about logging miles. Over time, this will not only boost employee productivity but could also save the business money.

When it is time to submit expenses claims then staff can use the app itself or the intuitive web-based dashboard to create digital reports. These will integrate with standard expense software like Concur for complete flexibility.

Available as a standalone subscription via iOS or Android app stores, it also comes with Office 365 Business Premium or Microsoft 365 plans. It is currently eligible to use in the USA, UK and Canada - if your business is based in any of these locations, it is worth using for any staff you have travelling around.

If you have any questions about MileIQ or the support for AAD, please get in touch with a member of the team!

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