New Microsoft Azure features announced at Ignite 2019

Pip Milburn
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Many of your customers will use Microsoft Azure to help meet and overcome any business challenges they face. As with all tech of this nature, it is constantly being updated by developers to bring new functionality to the table. Microsoft has recently announced some key updates around Azure which your customers may wish to know about as below.

Fresh hybrid capability with Azure Arc

Most organisations rely on hybrid tech to maximise their on-site investment and make the most of Cloud-based innovation. As more applications and processes grow to cover edge devices and more than one Cloud platform, hybrid tech must allow any applications to run on any device or Cloud platform.

Azure has always been designed with hybrid capability in mind by Microsoft. Their latest development is Azure Arc which is a raft of new functions that unlocks hybrid situations for users. It allows Azure apps or services to come to any infrastructure.

What will Arc bring to users?

Azure Arc brings valuable Azure management features to Windows and Linux servers along with Kubernetes clusters across all infrastructures. This means your customers are now able to have a truly unified approach to looking after various environments. This new feature means tools like Azure Portal and Azure Cloud Shell are now available in multiple environments.

Azure Arc offers lots more to users

Users can now take advantage of the real benefit of Cloud tech with Arc by running Azure data tools in any location. This enables access to the latest data, quicker deployment and a more dynamic approach to scaling any business. Arc also brings increased Azure Stack functionality with Azure Stack Edge. This is an AI-enabled edge app which delivers storage and intelligence to any edge.

Introducing Azure Synapse Analytics

Modern businesses use two types of systems to analyse data - warehouses and lakes. They both play different roles though and contain different sorts of data. Currently, this can lead to poor decision making if only data from one source is explored. To solve this problem, Microsoft has released a new tool called Azure Synapse Analytics.

This is an analytics service without limits which combines data from any data warehouses along with big business data. It will allow users to view data how they like and on-scale, in one unified whole. Azure Synapse Analytics is the next step on from the SQL Data Warehouse in Azure. This new service is the only analytics tool to run TPC-H queries at petabyte scale. Users can run the data warehouse processes they currently have in place along with Azure Synapse to benefit automatically from its new features.

Scale without limits and blazing fast speeds

Customers that have their data warehoused or stored, Azure Synapse will make drawing insights from it simple. Azure Synapse is also closely linked with Power BI and Azure Machine Learning. This means superior business intelligence and outstanding machine learning is a real possibility for users. The top-grade security features of Azure are also incorporated into Synapse. This means functionality like automated detection of threats and awesome data encryption comes as standard.

If you would like to know more about any of the new Azure features or more about Microsoft Azure itself, call today on 0333 009 5939 or email

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