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A new Microsoft 365 feature has made collaborative working, remote conferencing and the hosting of digital events much easier.

Live Events in Microsoft Teams provides organisations with a fully integrated video and content streaming service, ideally suited to bringing large numbers of people or diverse audiences together, in real time.

The aim of this latest Microsoft offering is to make digital live events simpler to organise and deliver, whether you are a webcast professional or your average Microsoft Teams user.

Live Events also supports participation from Stream and Yammer, as well as Teams.

It has been designed to cover the entire process of organising online events, from inviting participants, to issuing permissions and supporting presenters in handling Q&As.

Choose a production method for Live Events

The new Microsoft feature offers event organisers different ways to set up and deliver their content to a live audience.

This includes a Quick Start option, best suited for delivering events to remote participants via Teams. All the audience needs is a USB audio/video device, connected to a PC.

Live Events is also adding in an option based on an external coder. It means digital event organisers can deliver across 3rd party hardware and software, using Microsoft Stream. This is a valuable new platform for companies who need to address a diverse or large audience across a range of locations and devices.

How Live Events can be structured

The new Microsoft feature enables event planners to assign different roles and responsibilities within the delivery structure.

This includes, for example, an organiser who is involved in the process from beginning to end. They can set the audience criteria and attendee permissions, and then create the required delivery method. This will include adding in real time captions to presenters, and a translation service.

The organiser can then draw off event reports. Data available to them will include attendance but also recordings.

Live Events can be hosted by a Producer. This would be the person assigned the task of managing the viewing experience. They will be in constant communication with the rest of the people involved in the Live Event delivery; including providing support to the presenter.

The presenter using Live Events would be able to share audio, video or screen text with the audience. They could also moderate and respond to Q&A sessions.

Attendees could join the event by a variety of means. If they are Microsoft Teams users, this includes web, desktop or mobile. Others can access the event and communicate with the presenter using DVR controls or on-demand, and Yammer for the Q&A.

Other Live Event details

This new Live Event feature within Microsoft Teams is designed to replace the role of Skype Meeting Broadcast in communicating to multiple, remote audiences.

Though Microsoft will continue to support Skype Meeting Broadcast and there will be no disruption in service if you or your clients have already scheduled events. Or, if this system is preferred for public preview of live events.

The new Microsoft Live Events feature will ultimately support 3rd party eCDN providers, such as Hive, Kollective and Ramp, though not straight away.

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