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Go to market successfully with Vuzion and Microsoft

Microsoft unveils new material to help Silver and Gold partners increase awareness, generate leads and expand their business.

One of the most common requests from our partners is for help to build their go-to-market plans. This is because while our partners spend a great deal of time and effort building great solutions, they sometimes lack the capacity or marketing expertise to really drive awareness, engagement and demand for their services.

This week at Microsoft’s event Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas, Microsoft has recognised that partners need help promoting awareness of their fantastic offerings with a range of new material designed for Silver and Gold partners to help them successfully go to market.

“The benefits guide partners through building their practice and giving them access to services that support them in increasing awareness, generating leads and expanding their business through partnerships,” said Reena Joseph, sr. business strategy analyst at Microsoft.


Core Silver go-to-market benefits

Included in the Silver competency attainment:

- Listing Optimisation: A detailed review of your Partner Centre or Marketplace listing to ensure it is optimised to convert prospects to leads, and showcases your expertise

- Marketing Consultation: A personalised consultation with a marketing specialist that includes a review of your go-to-market materials and recommendations for optimising those materials

- Member Core Benefits: Access to all education, content and services at the Membership level.


Paid Silver go-to-market benefits

- Press Release Support: Microsoft approval of a partner-drafted press release and quote attributed to a Microsoft representative

- Mini Case Study: Showcases your solution and how it has benefited from development on the Microsoft cloud platform, in a one slide format

- Social Promotion: Increase awareness of your solution via a Microsoft Twitter outlet with hundreds of thousands of global followers

- Customer Presentation: Co-branded deck introducing your solution to new customers

- Customer One-Pager: Showcases to potential customers your solution and the Microsoft cloud platform on which it was built

- Customer Case Study: Two-page customer case study written to showcase the success of a customer using your solution. Published on the primary Microsoft customer reference outlet, 


Core Gold go-to-market benefits

Included in the Silver competency attainment:

- Partner Demand Centre Enablement: Lead capture landing page instrumented in the Partner Demand Centre

- Customised Campaign BOM: Customised co-branded campaign BOM aligned to solution area campaigns designed to drive demand for partner solutions in the Partner Demand Centre

- Silver Core Benefits: Access to all benefits available at Silver level.


Paid Gold go-to-market benefits

- Lead Generation Campaign

- Partner Seller Readiness

- Secret Shopper

- Sales Enablement

- Global Expansion

- Animated Mini Commercial

- Telesales Campaign

- Workshops

Inspire Microsoft partner GTM benefits

Vuzion GROW icon
“When you work with Vuzion, we can help you navigate these new offerings and provide advice and share learnings and best practices from the work we get involved with,” said Mark Terry, head of marketing at Vuzion. “We are continuing to invest in our Marketing provision, and have created Vuzion GROW as a key part of how we are delivering this, providing the support to our partners.”

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Speak to Vuzion today about how we can help you take your solutions to market successfully, or you can email 0333 009 5939, or email


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