Microsoft Teams | May 2018 Update

May sees a large variety of updates to Microsoft Teams, ensuring it’s even easier for users to collaborate and communicate. See what the latest Microsoft Teams update has in store...

More effective communication

Users can now send a chat message directly from the command box without interrupting their current workflow, as well as send a quick chat from a contact card simply by hovering over the profile picture. These quick hacks ensure users can multitask while ensuring anything that needs to be replied to can be done in a timely fashion.


When it comes to group calls, if members need to add someone else to the team all they have to do is dial their direct number. Users also now have the ability to send a dial-in number so that anyone who needs to be involved in a conference call can join.


More effective collaboration

Microsoft Teams now allows a team owner to auto-favourite the most important channels for the users in their team. This means the channel will show up immediately in every team member's favourites to ensure they have easy access to their new channel.

Microsoft Planner has also received a variety of updates for more seamless integration into Teams. For example, Schedule allows users to drag and drop tasks to set dates while Charts view allows them to closely monitor the status of plans.

Various filters also allow tasks to be grouped by various tags such as Assigned To, and Due Date for ease of use.

Users can now also manually renew a team if it is set to expire. Within 30 days of the team being set to expire, a notification will pop up and the life of the team can be extended by visiting ‘Settings’. If the renewal is upcoming users can also proactively renew it before they receive the notice. At present this feature is only available to AAD premium members and the notification will only show if an IT admin has set an expiration date for teams.



SharePoint integration

Users can now use SharePoint to place any relevant pages, articles or lists as individual tabs in a channel. This integration allows them to fully interact with the content and use it in parallel in Microsoft Teams.

On top of this, the SharePoint news connector allows everyone in Teams to stay up to date following the publication of a news article to promote increased discussions.


New features for IT admins

In order for IT admins to be able to more effectively manage the service, Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business Admin Centre has been introduced. This incorporates Call Analytics and the Call Quality dashboard while also allowing admins the ability to manage both Microsoft Teams as well as Skype For Business.

On top of this ability to manage all of the service from one portal, it also provides IT admins with additional functionality such as the ability to manage settings specific to user levels as well manage insights.


New iOS and Android features on Microsoft Teams apps

Meetings will be enhanced with the ability to call a phone from Teams. This allows users to join a meeting and dial into a meeting when on a mobile phone.

Users also have the option to handle their calls in different ways, with the ability to quickly turn a one-to-one conversation into a group conference call, as well as the ability to transfer a call to someone else and forward calls to others now being implemented.

On top of this, teachers and students using Microsoft Teams EDU can now create, edit and delete teams on their mobile phones for additional functionality and productivity.

If you'd like any more information about Microsoft Teams, please contact a member of the Vuzion team on 0333 009 5939 or email partners@vuzion.cloud.

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