EM+S updates

Microsoft EM+S | August 2018 Updates

This month has seen some great new updates to the Configuration Manager that are designed to make the user experience much more smooth, intuitive and enjoyable. See below to find out the details.

Other exciting news this month includes the fact that Gartner’s recently published analysis of the Unified Endpoint Management market has placed Microsoft in the Leaders Quadrant. In this way, Microsoft has proved itself to be a leader in the world of Enterprise Mobility and Security (EM+S) thanks to extensive engineering investments and a track record of thousands of EM+S deployments worldwide. 

Update 1807 for System Center Configuration Manager’s Technical Preview Branch now available
This new update release sees the introduction of a brand new community hub - a platform that allows users to share their Configuration Managers scripts, configuration items, reports, and much more. The hub is a great place to discover valuable solutions, as well as download and import them directly from console.

Other great additions to come out of the update include:

Improvements to software updates by third parties
Users can now alter the properties of third-party software update catalogues, allowing them to stay up-to-date.

User experience simplified
Users can now set out a repair command line for Script Installer and Windows Installer deployment types, making repair applications much simpler. Other simplifications include the ability to approve application requests through email, the ability to create and run scripts while viewing the JSON or raw output in a structured format, and the option to use the console to define the drive that stages temporary data while serving operating system images offline.

Use the cloud to optimise user experience
Users will now be able to view in-console whether or not a co-managed device is active with Intune. 

Update 1806 brings improvement to Configuration Manager
The introduction of Update 1806 means that users of Configuration Manager will be able to enjoy additional co-management workloads and improved cloud services. It also sees the release of CMPivot, a new in-console tool that provides users with access to the real-time state of the devices in their environment. CMPivot is a nifty new utility that allows instant insight into the environment, providing the perfect solution for those who need to know the current state of their compliance in real-time. 

There are also plenty of other enhancements to the Configuration Manager this month, some of which include:

Improved phased deployments
Users can now generate phased deployments for their applications, allowing them to create manually configured phases when generating a task sequence. 

Dashboard for product lifecycle
This dashboard shows users the state of the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy for their devices with Microsoft products installed.

Dashboard for cloud management
This dashboard provides users with a centralized view of cloud management gateway (CMG) usage. What’s more, CMGs can now serve content in Azure storage straight to clients.

New custom tab in Software Centre
Users can now use client setting to generate a customized tab to open up a webpage in the Software Centre, allowing them to show content to end users in a secure and reliable fashion.

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