Now is the time for Microsoft Resellers to make the switch to CSP

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Vuzion is excited to announce a new incentive for Microsoft resellers looking to make the switch from selling Office 365 via Open or MOSPA to the CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) programme*.

The ‘Switch to CSP’ incentive runs 1 May to 30 June 2017 and is for Microsoft partners who have not previously sold Office 365 via CSP.

The incentive is divided into two tiers:

  1. Partners who sell 10 or fewer Office 365 seats via CSP to their first customer will receive a £150 credit on their first Vuzion invoice.
  2. Partners selling more than 10 licences to their first Office 365 customer via CSP will receive a £500 credit on their first Vuzion invoice.

All resellers need to do to qualify for the incentive is sign up with Vuzion and make their first Office 365 purchase via CSP before 30 June 2017.

Microsoft created the CSP programme with the aim of strengthening the IT provider-customer relationship, making it easier for customers to purchase a complete cloud solution and all the supporting services they need through a provider they trust and as part of a long-term relationship.

Vuzion provides a broad portfolio of services and support to help resellers make a successful switch to selling cloud services via CSP. Vuzion partners benefit from a powerful, yet easy to use, scalable cloud delivery platform which provides a unified provisioning and billing solution, including a unique CSP billing-as-a-service solution. This is complemented by comprehensive support, technical and sales training, along with wide-ranging marketing support to help partners build a profitable cloud business.

Michael Frisby, Vuzion MD, says, “This is an excellent opportunity for any resellers still selling Office 365 via the Advisor model or Open to make the move to CSP.

“Microsoft is retiring the Advisor programme – the original partner programme for selling Office 365 – with all rebates ending this June, and expecting Advisor partners to move to CSP. The Vuzion ‘Switch-to-CSP’ incentive is an additional bonus for partners making the move now – on top of the many benefits the CSP programme brings, which include recurring margins of up to 15% and there is also the CSP Cloud Power Up incentive which provides up to $73 per seat for new Office 365 sales – significantly more profitable than any other Microsoft programme.

“The main request from Advisor partners has been to own the billing relationship with customers, which CSP enables. However, many Advisor partners have been held back from making the switch over a concern of being able to efficiently implement recurring monthly billing. Vuzion’s billing-as-a-service offering provides a simple solution for all resellers which removes this concern.”

Vuzion regularly releases eBooks and supporting campaign materials that partners can download for information about the CSP programme and range of services, including Office 365, available within the Vuzion solution portfolio. For example, we’ve created a CSP FAQ factsheet, and our Microsoft Office 365: The Definitive Guide looks at features, benefits, plans – and the truth behind various myths – along with how moving to Office 365 could benefit your customers – helping our partners be more successful in selling Microsoft cloud solutions.

You can also contact the Vuzion team – on 0333 305 9892 or via – who will be happy to talk through any queries you might have about CSP or the incentive.

*Ts&Cs apply

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