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Post GEPS 2019

Vuzion’s Channel Education Business Manager, Ian Hill writes …

Ian Hill

This year’s Global Education Partner Summit was held in Seattle, USA, earlier this month. The event brought together education resellers from across the globe, introducing them to best-of-breed technology that has the potential the transform the classroom.

Although the event was marred by heavy snowfall, it was overcome by the power of Microsoft Teams with all the affected sessions being presented in the collaborative hub – so no disappointed delegates!

Here are my top seven key takeaways from the event

1. Soon, 5 generations will be working side-by-side

By 2020, five generations will be working side-by-side for the first time in modern history. For businesses, enabling a workforce with a wide variety of ideals is no easy task and ensuring that the technology used creates an easy-work environment is paramount. What’s more, millennials in the workplace are gradually being outnumbered by the next generation, Generation Z, which means a whole new work style for businesses to understand and contend with.

2. Productivity will be a business's most valuable output

Traditionally, a business bases its success on sales figures and, the all-important, profit margin. Yet, as businesses focus further and further on digital transformation and employee-enablement, the measure of success is now shifting to employee productivity and success.

3. Older generations will be talking more to AI than their own children

This one puts a slight tear in our eye; however, it really highlights the power of technology and how it can truly transform an individual’s life, whether that is for the better or not. Loneliness is a huge issue, with more than a million seniors going up to a month without speaking to anyone.

Imagine transforming that with the power of AI, a ready-when-you-are companion that can greatly alleviate the negative impact of isolation and decrease loneliness – fantastic! More importantly, call your parents…

4. The buying journey is becoming more fun

By 2020, 20% of the buyer’s journey will incorporate integrated, personalised and more varied content – creating experiences that are even more joyful, exciting, unique than they are now.

5. The power of the influencer grows

Nowadays, businesses choose to sponsor celebrities and athletes to help promote their product, and it has been that way for years. But, with the rise of influencers on social media and the stronger presence of affiliate marketing, businesses are choosing to sponsor influencers rather than more traditional celebrities.

What’s more, by 2020, the face behind an influencer may not even be a true person but an AI that responds online. The prediction that the world’s top 200 brands will have discontinued 15% of their sponsorships in favour of AI-generated personas is a interesting one, and one that we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on!

6. KPI vs KBI

Similar to our second point, as businesses focus on employee productivity more and more, the well-known KPI (key performance indicator) will be replaced by a KBI, a key behavioural indicator.

Concentrating on collaboration, team-communication, problem-solving, as well as deliverables and objectives, KBIs allow businesses to be more forward-thinking in their approach to measuring employee success. In the next few years, more and more businesses will focus on KBIs, with 35% choosing to adopt KBIs over KPIs by 2020.

7. The talent pool for emerging tech is shrinking

Probably the most important for the industry we work in, the talent pool for emerging technology is unable to fill at least 30% of the global demand. There is a gap in the market, and it is only going to get bigger, leading businesses to really emphasise employee retention and training to develop key skills, or risk falling behind.

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