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Cameron Male

Cameron Male, Business Development Manager, writes …

The last few years have been challenging to say the least – and the landscape in 2022 is vastly different to how things were even just two years ago.
With the world undergoing a transformational couple of years, there are three key factors that are forcing many industries to review and rethink how they operate - which all paints a picture of Power Platform being in an incredibly strong position to support these developments.
There are three major shakeups happening
1) Shift to remote work
2) Evolving workforce expectations
3) Economic downturn
Let’s take a closer look at each of those.

The shift to remote work and emphasis on resilience

A Gartner HR survey revealed that 41% of employees will spend some time working remotely after the pandemic, compared to less than 30% before - and a separate survey highlighted that 55% of businesses pre-COVID were focused on efficiency, not resilience, and were fragile as a result.
As those two figures show, organisations of all shapes and sizes face difficult decisions whilst they try to save costs, redirect productivity, and re-engage customers all whilst managing the nuances of remote work and development. 
The need for resilience and transformation is more important now than ever, all at a time where the workforce and their expectations are evolving.

Workforce expectations for digital experiences

The world rapidly embraces technological advancements, which is why the next generation entering the workforce expects advanced workplaces in line with their digital-centric lives, where mobile applications and digitized services dominate everyday living.
35% of the workforce are already digital-native millennials who demand better experiences when it comes to digital interactions in the workplace, and that sentiment will only continue to grow – which explains why the demand for mobile apps is growing 5x faster than IT departments can deliver.
Add to this the rate at which the demand for online engagements and digitized operations is increasing and we have ourselves a world where it’s not enough for businesses to show resilience through traditional business applications, systems, or processes – particularly any that are still reliant on paper and pen. 
Processes and systems need to modernise, that much is clear… but shifting away from legacy systems in a rip and replace manner isn’t always the answer - especially in a period of economic downturn.

The drive for efficiency in a period of instability

Along with the shift to remote work and the changing workforce expectations, the last few years being full of so much incredible instability has only made things more complex and harder for businesses. 
This does not change the fact though that the need for digital transformation is heightened by the fact that 92% of business leaders agree (per research done by the Harris Poll), that there is a need to enable digital channels and process automation to flourish in the post-pandemic world - and these are critical to long-term organizational success.
From the same research, we understand that:
- 80% of businesses faced new challenges related to COVID-19
- 60% agree that they need to develop new processes to address a post-COVID reality
- 59% of businesses are facing challenges with keeping operational efficiency in a distributed environment and enabling a remote workforce

So why Power Platform?

Power Platform is incredibly well-suited to tackle these difficult problems, due to its ability to digitise systems and processes without having to rip out old legacy systems. Instead, using Power Apps and Power Automate, those operational gaps can be plugged – ensuring that employees can be more efficient, no matter where they are.
And in a period where recruitment is proving difficult, technologies like low-code that can be easily taught (especially to digital-natives) will be big winners – and upskilling staff in Power Platform is easier than you’d think, with an absolute wealth of information online and here at Vuzion.
The majority of your customer’s likely have the problems we’ve discussed here – or similar. The issue is that they don’t know the solution. 
Power Platform might just be the solution that they need.
We’re expecting this to be an incredible year for Power Platform – and you’ll hear a lot more about our plans here in the coming weeks and months. If you would like to talk more about the Power Platform opportunity on a one-to-one basis though, you can reach me at cameron.male@vuzion.cloud. 
And for Vuzion to keep you up to date with everything Power Platform and D365, be sure to register for our monthly Business App Town Hall sessions here where we cover off all of the major updates from the previous month.

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