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Matt Raven
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Matt Raven, Vuzion Accelerate Business Team Leader, writes …

Cyberattacks can affect any business, and unfortunately many cybercriminals specifically target non-profit organisations as they often have inadequate resources to safeguard the valuable data which is essential to their core function.

Microsoft aims to address the security challenges that non-profit organisations face through the Security Program for Non-profits. The launch of this new program creates many opportunities for Vuzion partners to improve the security posture of their existing non-profit customers, or to gain net-new customers in the non-profit industry.

The Security Program for Non-profits

Launched in October, Microsoft aims to support 10,000 organisations through the Security Program for Non-profits within the first year, with a three-year goal of providing these services to 50,000 organisations worldwide.

Services within the Security Program for Nonprofits include:

  • AccountGuard for Non-profits

AccountGuard for Non-profits is a security service that helps protect highly targeted non-profit organisations from cybersecurity threats. It provides unified threat detection and notifications to help organisations protect sensitive data and build trust with key stakeholders. It also provides recommendations for remediation if a compromise is confirmed, and security guidance specifically tailored to the non-profit space.

  • Free Security Assessments

Microsoft is offering free security assessments for organisations within the non-profit space. These security assessments help the organisations to understand potential vulnerabilities in existing endpoints, identity access and management, infrastructure, networks and data. The results of the assessments can be actioned to strengthen a non-profit organisation’s security posture and protect their environment from current cybersecurity risks.

  • Free Training Pathways for IT Administrators and End-Users

Although there are many technologies available to reduce the chance of falling victim to a cyberattack, employees should still be educated about the current cybersecurity risks and how to avoid them. Through the Security Program for Non-profits, IT administrators, and end-users, have access to free training pathways to learn to work more securely, and protect themselves from online scams and attacks.

Benefits to Customers

The Security Program for Non-profits includes all the necessary tools and information required to protect sensitive data and build trust with support, program participants and employees. If a non-profit organisation falls victim to a cyberattack, they risk loss of revenue associated with downtime, as well as loss of reputation that can be difficult to recover from. These non-profit organisations are a lifeline for many communities and the Security Program for Non-profits ensures that they have increased protection from cybercriminals who could jeopardise the good work they are doing.

The Opportunity

For Vuzion partners, the Security for Non-profit program enables you to not only strengthen your Non-profit customers security posture, but potentially uncover upsell opportunities.

For partners that have not considered working with customers in the non-profit space, there is a great opportunity for you to generate new business with a variety of incentives and support provided through Microsoft. The Vuzion Account Team can help you with other security products available in our portfolio, including Mimecast and Acronis.

What’s Next?

Microsoft has a suite of programs specifically tailored to the non-profit sector, including grants and reduced pricing for Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. If you want to find out more information about the Security Program for Non-profits, or other non-profit programs, please contact Vuzion Sales on 0333 009 5890, or email us at:

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