The massive Windows 7 migration opportunity

Caroline Wigley
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A recent article on the ADNet site reports that ‘millions’ of users still have not moved from Windows 7 with less than five months to go until the operating system reaches end of support (14 January 2020) – and that almost 50 percent of SMBs are running Windows 7. A separate source comments that of the number of computers running Windows in the UK, 21.94% run Windows 7.

Ian Hill, Vuzion Business Development Manager and head of Vuzion’s education business unit, adds that end of support is of particular concern across the education sector.

“A huge number of colleges and schools rely on Windows 7. But of course, after 14 January 2020, there will be no updates, bug or security fixes from Microsoft, and so these machines will become not only increasingly inefficient, but increasingly vulnerable.”

Customers beginning to move to Windows 10 in increasing numbers

However, it seems that customers are now beginning to realise the implications of running an out of support system, as organisations in increasing numbers are moving to Windows 10 - as evidenced by Digital Trends’ article, As end of support nears, Windows 7 users are finally moving to Windows 10, for example, and Computerworld’s Windows by the numbers: Finally, the 7-to-10 migration kicks into high gear.

This is also a trend that we’re finding many of our partners are experiencing, with customers moving in growing numbers to Windows 10.

The additional benefits of a move to Windows 10

Partners are also seeing that organisations facing Windows 7 end of support are realising that the workplace environment and technology has moved on since Windows 7 launched in 2009. 

With a move to Windows 10, customers not only remove the risks associated with running an out of support product, but have a newer, up-to-date operating system, more relevant for the requirements of today’s workplace and the needs of today’s workforce.

Benefits Windows 10 users will experience on moving from Windows 7 include:

  • An improved operating speed
  • Improved functionality and usability
  • A range of security enhancements.

For more information …

Ian Hill says, “Now’s the time to talk to customers with Windows 7. This is a massive opportunity for partners, both in education and the wider commercial space, and we’re here to help with advice and any support you might need.

“We’ve created an eBook, Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010 - end of support, which you might also find useful. This paper looks, in addition, at migration options for Office 2010 - which has an EOS date of 13 October 2020 - as this is a great opportunity to promote a move for customers with both Windows 7 and Office 2010 to Microsoft 365.

“Contact any of the Vuzion team if you’d like more information - call 0333 009 5939 (for the UK team), +353 1 695 0093 (for the Ireland team), or email,”  

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The massive Windows 7 migration opportunity

Millions of users are still running Windows 7 with less than 5 months until the operating system reaches end of support, 14 January...