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The end of July saw over 3,500 Microsoft partners and customers visit Seattle for an applications-centred Microsoft Business Summit. The event was filled with talks, presentations and events featuring the engineers and designers behind apps like Power BI, Dynamics 365, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. As always, there’s plenty to report back on what’s around the corner in Business Applications — particularly with regards to Power BI and Dynamics 365.

Release notes

Firstly, in line with their promise to release major products per year, Microsoft have made their release notes available for October 2018 — allowing you to keep ahead of the curve in what’s coming next, and prepare yourself for these useful upgrades and features.

New AI and mixed reality innovations are at the centre of the release, along with a general modernisation of user experience and enhanced integration with platforms like Office 365, Azure and LinkedIn.

Let’s have a look at some of the release features in more detail:

AI for Sales in Dynamics 365

New-class AI apps will now deliver fantastic insights for Dynamics 365 — making data more comprehensive and guiding customers through decision-making processes. It will even help with prioritisation — emphasising the deals that matter most and analysing the pipeline when it comes to sales.

Azure IoT Central integration with Field Service and Dynamics 365

Enhancements to IoT Central and its integration will ensure a far more intuitive service for Field Service and Dynamics 365. Flows will now be bi-directional, and commands will be sent to IoT from Field Service.

Credit management for enterprise

Credit management, dual accounting for currency and revenue recognition will, from October, be features of Finance and Operations Dyanmics 365. Users will get an extremely useful real-time overview of global finance. Meanwhile, process-based integrations across a range of Dynamics 365 variants (finance, field services and more) will give users enhanced visibility.

LinkedIn, Office 365 and more... Elsewhere, integration between Dynamics 365, the Office 365 suite and LinkedIn will be prevalent. This will include Microsoft Teams — which will allow sellers to access a new Sales version of Dynamics 365 — as well as Talent for recruitment, which will benefit from excellent Skype services and features such as mobile feedback. LinkedIn will benefit from Dynamics 365 for Marketing, with excellent segmentation and lead scoring features.

Power BI

More enhancements will be also made to Power BI — allowing everyone in a given organisation to work from a single data platform, as well as providing excellent tools and insights.

Mixed reality

Mixed reality will soon come into play with Microsoft’s new application Remote Assist. This promising app will provide everything from video calls and image sharing to remote collaboration and annotations — perfect for workers on the front line as well as management staff in the back room.

For more information on the summit, you can watch the keynote speech and other presentations here:

For more information about all of the upcoming developments in October, check out these release notes:

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