The Need for Digital Perseverance

Cameron Male
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Putting technology to work in uncertain times, making sure we come out stronger than when we went in.

The last couple of years have been such a whirlwind, that we still don’t understand the full impact the pandemic has had, and it is unlikely we will for a while to come. But one thing, that upon reflection should be obvious to us all, is that everyone went through several years of innovation in just a matter of weeks at the start of the pandemic, to be able to effectively work remotely. We also felt this outside of our professional lives – for us all to continue to be able to speak with our loved ones that we couldn’t spend time with face-to-face.

Seriously - the amount of people that went from never using a platform like Teams, or Zoom, or Facetime, to then be doing a weekly quiz organised by their friends or family, is incredible. “You’re on mute” was a phrase born of the pandemic… rarely heard before 2020.

We’re now seemingly at the other end, but we’re all continuing to face uncertain times. If we stand still and take stock of everything we’re facing right now, globally and in the UK – we can see the lingering impact of the pandemic. It’s the effect of inflation on the bottom line and the top line. It’s the skills shortage. The conflict in Ukraine. It’s lasting supply chain issues, and the difficulty in retaining and attracting talent…

These concerns, all working together in tandem, create an uncertain environment (even if we’re now more resilient to shock than ever coming out of the pandemic) – and it is unequivocal that those that can tackle these challenges head on, will come out stronger than those that don’t.

Which brings us on to the theme of Digital Perseverance. But what does that mean?

In a nutshell – Digital Perseverance is the propensity to thrive in uncertain times, through investment (time, effort and monetary) in the correct areas.

There are 5 common themes that Microsoft have identified through their research and conversations with customers, where Digital Perseverance can be seen as either a strength or an area of development.

These are Innovation. Hybrid Work. Supply Chain and Data. Sustainability. & Cybersecurity.

Let’s take some time to unwrap each of these and see what can be done to strengthen resolve in each of these areas for ourselves, and our customers.

First up, Innovation – Accelerating progress and innovation is critical. You can’t slow down and can’t flinch as uncertainty rises - you have to remain steadfast. Moving forward is the only correct path. Being digital and in the cloud is more necessary now than it’s ever been, in order to scale when needed and to work remotely, intelligently. Those that had already moved into the cloud before the pandemic struck were undoubtedly more resilient and perseverant – being able to continue looking forward, not back. Innovation is essential.

Hybrid Work – 73% of all employees now see hybrid work as the absolute minimum they want from their employers. Without this being available for your employees, it’s simple - you will struggle to retain or attract top talent. At the same time 63% of those same employees want more collaboration – and it’s being able to empower employees to work where they want, whilst providing them with collaborative environments, that will ensure that top talent wants to join you on your journey. Through providing this collaborative fabric, you will be able to thrive. This starts with M365 and is enhanced through the use of Power Platform to digitise business processes and the likes of Viva to understand working habits of your employees.

Supply chain and Data – Whether professionally or personally, I’m confident in saying that the supply chain difficulties around the globe have affected us all. Stronger digital capability, through utilising AI and modelling can undoubtedly make the supply chain more perseverant. This works in tandem with the necessary sustainability push as well, by simulating before doing which ultimately makes your business perform better and helps save the planet. Investing in digitising the supply chain where possible is essential and it pays for itself in multiple ways, by creating material savings on the bottom line, allowing 100% visibility in the supply chain from the point of manufacture right up to the end customer, and by improving sustainability whilst reducing waste.

Sustainability – There’s no question – sustainability and our response to climate change is one of the greatest challenges we will face in our lifetime. But it’s not too late to plan for a cleaner, greener future and Microsoft are absolutely committed to putting sustainable technologies at the heart of their innovation.

Often, there are simple ways to improve sustainability. One way for instance is in utilising Azure rather than retaining on-premises solutions. A 2018 study found that using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform can be up to 93 percent more energy efficient and up to 98 percent more carbon efficient than on-premises solutions. With Azure Plan as well, (which all Vuzion partners are on already) it’s possible to utilise the Emissions Impact Dashboard to get transparency into your greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with cloud usage, giving you a much better grasp on what you and your customers have already done, and what can still be done.

Cybersecurity – As more of our lives, both professional and personal, move online (which has been exacerbated by the pandemic), it was inevitable that more ‘bad actors’ were going to move into the digital space as well. Unfortunately, that has been the case which is why we all have to invest in cybersecurity as the bedrock of any digital strategy. Like any foundation or strategy, it’s only as strong as its weakest link – which is why it’s incredibly important to be robust at every step. Whether it’s identity and access control, cloud app security, endpoint protection, proactive monitoring, or incident and event management it’s essential that every organisation has security of their systems and employees at the forefront of every digital decision that’s made.

Let’s bring it all back together.

Microsoft is best placed to support us all in increasing our capability in each of these areas. From Hybrid Work to Cybersecurity - Microsoft have powerful, mature solutions in play for us and our customers to leverage, with more in development.

If you’ve made it to the end, I hope I’ve convinced you that the need for digital perseverance is existential, and as we move forward in these uncertain times, it’s imperative that we continue to push for innovation.

As Tim Grover, (former personal coach of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant) says – ‘If you think the cost of winning is high, just wait until you get the bill for regret’.

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The Need for Digital Perseverance

Putting technology to work in uncertain times, making sure we come out stronger than when we went in.

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