Vuzion Adds DocuSign’s eSignature Solution to Partner Ecosystem

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Vuzion is delighted to welcome DocuSign, as the pioneer and global standard in eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM), to its solution portfolio.

eSignatures are formally recognised in legal proceedings and DocuSign’s industry-leading platform offers a suite of services suitable for organisations of every size, industry and geography, and across every department – from sales, to finance, HR, IT, legal, support, marketing, and procurement.

For business, it means the ability to replace the expensive and time-consuming manual, paper-based process of printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting paper documents to transact business, with a simpler, faster, efficient all digital process that’s legally enforceable, secure, and comes complete with an audit trail.

According to software, services and technology industry consultancy Intellicap, with DocuSign businesses can achieve improvements, such as:

  • An average reduction in turnaround time of 13.5 days, or 97 percent
  • Average enhanced productivity of more than 61 percent
  • An average reduction in the number of documents received in ‘not in good order’ (NIGO) down from 27.5 to 5.1 percent (an 81.6 percent improvement).

And DocuSign integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to not only provide an easy, fast, and secure way to send, sign, track, and store documents in the cloud, but creates a seamless, end-to-end all digital process while enabling users to access DocuSign’s features while remaining within their familiar applications. For example, users can – from:

  • Word, create a document and send for approval and eSignature
  • Outlook – send, receive, and eSign attachments
  • SharePoint – eSign, request an eSignature on, track the status of, and save a document

Mark Register, senior vice president for business development and channels DocuSign, says, “We’re pleased to welcome Vuzion to the DocuSign Global Trust Network of more than 250,000 companies and more than 100 million users across 188 countries.

“Vuzion will help bring the value of DTM and eSignature to companies throughout Europe to advance their digital transformations for faster speed to results, increased productivity, and a better end user experience.”

Michael Frisby, Vuzion MD, says, “The productivity and financial gains that a business can achieve from digitising their processes can be huge.

“DocuSign is a great solution for helping customers deliver digital transformation. Every SMB has processes in their business where documents need to be signed, whether it’s customers signing order forms or providing approval for holidays – and to sign a document typically costs over £30, and can take days. A reseller can show customers real, tangible cost savings with DocuSign – demonstrating process improvements with immediate business impact.”

DocuSign was the first third-party independent software vendor (ISV) available via Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions Provider Pilot programme. DocuSign’s offering is mobile, multi-lingual, and fully tracked and auditable.

We’ve created an eBook to give you more information about DocuSign – Creating a compliant & truly paperless process with eSignatures – which is free to download.

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