Vuzion launches Microsoft Azure offerings

Caroline Wigley
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"Azure is growing at 76 percent, driven by a combination of continued innovation, strong customer adoption across industries and a global ecosystem of talented partners," reports Julia White, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, in her Microsoft Azure blog, Investing in our partners’ success.

However, currently the vast majority of Microsoft partners in the UK (80 percent) do not consume Microsoft Azure services - and at Vuzion we’re working to help partners grasp this great opportunity to add in these new, highly profitable, revenue streams.

Craig Gordon, Head of Vuzion, says...

Craig Gordon"At Vuzion, we’re building out a greater number of Azure technical training courses, starting with Azure fundamentals.

"However, we understand that upskilling your business with Azure expertise can take time, plus increasing your portfolio of services to incorporate Azure capabilities in addition to the services you’re currently delivering, can represent a challenge.

"So, to help partners meet these capability and capacity challenges, Vuzion has created a series of Azure services for partners to offer their customers whilst our partners are building their own capabilities or to cover capacity gaps." 

Why Azure is the right choice

Vuzion’s Azure Identity & Access Management (Synchronising on-premises Active Directory accounts to Azure Active Directory)

It’s essential for every business to ensure the security and control of user identities, application and sign-in access, for on-premises services and in the public cloud.

With Vuzion's Azure Identity and Access Management service, partners ensure that their customers implement the most effective security measures when moving to the cloud, and continue to uphold this best practice moving forward.

Vuzion’s Infrastructure Modernisation (Infrastructure-as-a-Service - Lift, Shift, and Optimise)

An increasing number of businesses are moving on premises IT infrastructure to the cloud in order to meet corporate strategy and growth objectives.

Vuzion’s Infrastructure Modernisation service has been created to enable partners to support their customers as they move an existing on-premises or hosted IT infrastructure to Azure.

Vuzion’s Database Modernisation (Moving SQL Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008 workloads to Microsoft Azure)

With EOS dates announced of 9 July 2019 and 14 January 2020 respectively, now’s the perfect time for customers with MIcrosoft SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 to move to Azure, particularly with Microsoft offering three years’ free security updates for SQL Server 2008 databse server workloads hosted in Azure.

And, Vuzion’s Database Modernisation service has been created to enable businesses to transition their on-premises database platform to Azure.

Why Vuzion for Azure is the right choice

Craig Gordon: "Vuzion is the fastest growing Azure Indirect provider in the UK, and we see the Microsoft platform representing a massive opportunity for our partners.

"Our ongoing technical and sales training for Azure is provided through our EDGE (enablement and upskilling) programme, and we work hard to ensure our partners have the necessary expertise to deliver the services today’s business requires.

"We also offer pre-sales and solution support, from our skilled team (Vuzion PRO) along with products and services, such as our Azure offerings, to help our partners develop and grow.

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