Microsoft CSP for the Public Sector

From government to healthcare - supporting the public sector

CSP public sector eligibility

There are no specific criteria defining reseller eligibility to transact Microsoft public sector skus.

It is the organisation in receipt of a public sector sku that must meet eligibility requirements, with Microsoft defining eligibility as an organisation not operating for profit and falling into one of the following categories:

  • Supranational  - organisations or institutions that have a distinct regulatory or legislative role across a number of national governments.
  • National - organisations or institutions with a governing role, managed at the national level - such as the UK parliament and judicial bodies.
  • Regional/provincial - organisations or institutions with a governing role, and reach not across the whole country, but responsible for a number of areas of local government.
  • Local - organisations or institutions with a governing role, at local level.
  • Healthcare - government organisations or institutions providing healthcare services, policies, or funding at the national level.
  • Other government organisations - organisations or institutions accountable to and ultimately controlled by national government, created by legislation to perform a public purpose - for example, a statutory board, or a government research body.

In addition:

  • Revenue/profits must go only to the government, and not to private shareholders
  • The organisation/institution must be exempt from corporation tax
  • The organisation/institution must be more than 50% government financed.

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