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Vuzion is an authorised Microsoft Education Indirect Provider


Become a Microsoft Education Indirect Reseller with Vuzion

Microsoft Education resellers are required to complete a Microsoft training programme and test module to obtain certification status.  
Enrolled Education Indirect Resellers are also registered to sell commercial SKUs. 

Microsoft Education - The Partner Opportunity


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Office 365 Education

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Education

Office 365 A1

FREE Product

 Office Online Exchange
 Online SharePoint
 Online Skype for Business
 Online Office 365 apps

Microsoft 365 A3

 Office 365 A3
 Windows 10 Education A3
 Minecraft Education Edition

Microsoft 365 A5

 Office 365 A5
 Windows 10 Education A5
 Minecraft Education Edition

Education Offerings Available through the CSP
(Cloud Solution Provider) programme


Microsoft 365 Education Office 365  Windows 10 Education  EM+S
A3 A1  A3 per user  A3 
A5 A3 A5 per user  A5
Mimecraft: Education Edition

Partner with Vuzion as a Microsoft CSP Reseller


4 Simple Steps to Partner with Vuzion as a CSP Reseller


Number 1
Ensure you have:

- A Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID (you need to have this 24 hours prior to enrolling with Vuzion and on to the CSP programme – visit the Microsoft Partner Membership Center if you need to organise this)
- An AEP (Authorised Education Partner) ID (visit the Microsoft AEP home page if you need to organise this)
- The authority to sign legal agreements on behalf of your organisation


Partner with Vuzion step 2

Sign up with Vuzion

Vuzion’s mission is to help IT resellers build a long-term, future-proof and profitable cloud-based business, through providing partners with a complete service delivery platform and smart ecosystem of cloud, managed and professional services.

Sign up to the CSP programme via h. We’ve designed this four-step, online process to be as easy as possible, but if at any time you'd like help, please call the Vuzion Education Team on
 +333  009 5939, or +353 168 5619
 for Vuzion Ireland - we're here to help.


Sign Up Now



Enrol as a CSP Reseller in the CSP Programme at Microsoft*

(*If you've already enrolled as an IR on the CSP programme, go to step 4.)

To enrol in the CSP programme, you will need to access the Microsoft Partner Center, and:

-  Sign in with an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD tenant) account

-  Associate your MPN ID with your new Partner Center account 

-  Create a profile, wait for verification, and then accept the Microsoft Indirect Reseller agreement.

If at any time you'd like help with registering on to the CSP programme,
the Vuzion Education Team on +333  009 5939, or +353 168 5619 for Vuzion Education Ireland, will again be more than happy to help.

Step 4 CSP partnership

Associate with Vuzion within the CSP Programme

Once you've registered as a partner with Vuzion and enrolled in the CSP programme at Microsoft, we will send you a partnership invitation to associate with Vuzion within the CSP programme and enable commerce capability.


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