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Digital Transformation in Schools

Cloud computing has transformed how businesses work, with nine out of ten businesses realising the benefits of cloud-based IT services. In recent years, this has started to spread to industries outside of the business sector, mainly education. Resellers and those within the education industry are taking advantage of the opportunity that is within the classroom, enhancing collaboration, security and communication.

Reduce costs

Budget is ever-more important within the education industry, moving to the cloud allows schools to make the most of their IT budget.


The cloud offers a level of flexible working that enables teachers and students to work on documents outside of the classroom, on any device. 

Reduce costs

Collaboration is a key feature of working within the cloud; teachers can share work and resources quickly between students, improving learning for all.


With a secure and connected campus, schools can manage building access, track behaviours and monitor security systems in case of an emergency.


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How to become a Microsoft Education Indirect Reseller

If you're interested in the opportunity that the education industry has for you and want to become an Microsoft Education Indirect Reseller, then you will need to obtain an Authorised Education Partner certification.

But don't worry, Vuzion are part of the AEP programme and will help you every step of the way.

Join the Microsoft AEP Programme


Benefits of becoming an Authorised Education Partner

Once part of the AEP Programme, you will have access to resources that will help you succeed within education:


Reduce costs

A Microsoft AEP badge to use across promotional material and on your webiste

Reduce costs

A Microsoft AEP certificate and authorisation number, making your AEP status official

Reduce costs

Access to incentives and customer referrals, as well as a business listing in the AEP directory

Reduce costs

Explore the Yammer EDU community which has information about webinars, training and much more


Education: The Partner Opportunity

Did you know that $180m was spent on cloud within the education industry in 2015?
Discover the variety of options that are available for your customers within education.



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