Core User | Microsoft Project

Sunday 01 January

Core User | Microsoft Project

Sunday 01 January

This course is designed as a one-day, hands-on workshop to teach users how to use Microsoft Project effectively. Microsoft Project is a powerful Project Management tool which can be used to develop a plan, create tasks, assign resources, manage budgets, and analyse workloads so that you stay organised and focused. It can be used in a variety of industries including construction, manufacturing, local government, retail, financial services, and healthcare

The outcomes of this course for delegates are

  • Familiarity with the basic functionalities of Microsoft Project
  • Learning how to use Project effectively day to day
  • Be able to create a basic project schedule of tasks

Applying the skills learnt in your own organisation will require the features to be available in your organisation.  This course covers what is possible with applications within Microsoft Project, but many organisations limit access for security & compliance reasons

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1 day
Course Format
This course is delivered virtually

Course Constitution 
This course is constituted as follows

  • Theoretical: 40%
  • Practical - Demo: 30%
  • Practical - Tasks, Activities or Labs: 30%

Percentages are approximate. Whilst we endeavor to include a blend of theory, demo and activities in all of our courses we recognise that some delegates prefer a particular style of course (I.e. wholly or predominantly lab based workshops or immersion experiences) and would ask them to consider their preferred learning style before registration. We would also ask delegates to check the site regularly for new courses as we expand to offer different blends of theory/practice

Who should attend?
Course Level:100. Delegates can attend with minimal experience of Microsoft Project but will be expected to have experience of computing and working with applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Roles Aimed at: End Users

The course is designed for end users who want or need gain a baseline understanding with Microsoft Project, who are driving projects within their organisation and building a culture of productivity

This course is not intended for:

  • Microsoft 365 Administrators
  • Experienced users of Microsoft Project (12+ Months)
  • Day 1 users new to computing
Course Capacity
The course capacity is currently 7 seats with a minimum of 5. Should this exceed the maximum number then the course will need to be separated into two deliveries

Certifications & Competencies

This course is not linked to any Microsoft Exams or Competencies

This course has the following prerequisites

  • A modern laptop/desktop
  • A modern browser (Edge/Chrome)
  • A good internet connection (wired recommended)

Upon submission, we will reach out and work with you to find the next available dates to fit yours and your customers schedule. Should you have any questions on this course please reach out to us at

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Limited spaces available


The day will consist of the following:

  • The Project Interface and Screen
  • Working with views, tables, forms
  • Timeline View
  • Navigating
  • Set up non-working time
  • Changing the working hours
  • Edit the Standard calendar
  • Create and assign a base calendar
  • Edit resource calendars
  • Task calendars Compiling the Task List
  • Automatic and Manual Scheduling
  • Entering/editing tasks
  • Durations
  • Creating milestones
  • Inserting recurring tasks, Rearranging, inserting and deleting tasks Outlining
  • Creating Summary Tasks
  • Showing/hiding subtasks
  • Outline numbers
  • Project Summary
  • Task Dependencies
  • Linking tasks and task relationships
  • Creating delays and overlaps using lags and leads
  • Splitting tasks Task Constraints and Deadlines
  • How Task Constraints work
  • Viewing constraints
  • Deadlines

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