Windows 365 Essentials

Wednesday 14 September
09:00 - 17:30

Windows 365 Essentials

Wednesday 14 September | 09:00 - 17:30

This course is designed to provide IT Professionals with foundation level knowledge of Windows 365. It will cover components, concepts, and the differences between Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop; how to deploy, manage and secure Windows 365; licensing considerations and recommending compute and storage configurations

The outcomes of this course for delegates are:

  • Ability to describe what Windows 365 is and how to position it alongside Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Ability to design and price up a Windows 365 solution
  • Ability to deploy a basic Windows 365 solution and perform essential admin tasks for maintaining and securing it

Applying the skills learnt in your own organisation will require the features to be available in your organisation. This course covers what is possible with Windows 365, but many organisations limit access for security & compliance reasons.

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1 day

Course Format
Delivered virtually

Course Constitution
This course is constituted as follows:

  • Theoretical: 50%
  • Practical - Demo: 10%
  • Practical - Tasks, Activities or Labs: 40%

Percentages are approximate. Whilst we endeavor to include a blend of theory, demo, and activities in all our courses we recognise that some delegates prefer a particular style of course (E.g., wholly, or predominantly lab-based workshops or immersion experiences) and would ask them to consider their preferred learning style before registration. We would also ask delegates to check the site regularly for new courses as we expand to offer different blends of theory/practice

Who Should Attend?
Course Level: 200-300. Delegates must come with prior understanding and experience of Azure and Microsoft 365 including Intune and the MEM Portal. This will involve activities such as deploying virtual networks as well as Hybrid Azure AD join

Roles Aimed at: Technical Administrators, Technical and Solution Architects

This course is designed for technical administrators who will be responsible for the planning, deployment, and management of Windows 365

This course is not intended for:

  • Inexperienced users of Azure or Microsoft 365
  • Non-technical roles, even with decision making ability

Certifications & Competencies
This course is not linked to any Microsoft Exams or Competencies


This course has the following prerequisites:

  • Laptop/Desktop with good connectivity
  • A non-production Azure AD tenant with Global Administrator role assigned to a user account they have credentials for
  • An Azure subscription deployed under this tenant with Owner role assigned to the same account as above
  • An available Microsoft 365 Business Premium, F3, E3 or E5 license under this tenant
  • An available Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PC license under this tenant

When you sign up with either of the below you can create a new AD tenant.  We recommend setting up a new, free email address and using this to sign up with so it’s totally new.  An existing tenant can be used - but this needs to be non-production as Windows 365 requires Azure AD Connect to be configured and this will impact on any production AD configuration that may exist.

Azure has a free 1 month trial with $200 of spend included -

M365 BP has a 1 month free trial available -

You should also have:

  • Basic experience using Azure Portal and deploying Azure VMs
  • Basic knowledge of Windows Active Directory Domain Services, Domain Controllers, Azure Active Directory and synchronisation between the two – an ability to explain in layman’s terms what it is, understanding what “domain joined” means, understanding what user objects are, understanding what groups/roles are, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of Remote Desktop solutions - an ability to explain in layman’s terms what it is

Should you have any question related to this course, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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The course will cover:

  • What is Windows 365?
  • How to Deploy Windows 365 Enterprise
  • How to Maintain and Secure Windows 365 Enterprise
  • How to Deploy Windows 365 Business

It includes significant hands-on lab time to deploy, configure and use

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