20 Questions to ask a CSP Indirect Provider

20 Questions to ask a CSP Indirect Provider

The CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) programme was set up by Microsoft to enable partners to go beyond merely reselling licences, and to support a deeper engagement between the reseller and customer. 

CSP resellers work with a CSP Indirect Provider, who provides a range of services and support to enable the reseller to take control of the complete customer Microsoft lifecycle.

It’s, therefore, essential for a reseller to partner with an Indirect Provider that  can provide a comprehensive set of services and support to suit your individual requirements. To help you decide on the Indirect Partner for you, we’ve suggested 20 questions to put to a potential Indirect Provider partner, such as -

• What technical accreditations and methodologies do you have/work to?

• Can you help me solve my billing issues and reduce financial risk?

• Do you provide training for technical, sales, and marketing teams?

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