GDPR - A Guide for Vuzion Ireland Partners

GDPR - A Guide for Vuzion Ireland Partners

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into effect 25 May 2018, requires organisations to develop process and technical measures and procedures to ensure that the processing of personal data - as defined by the EU - safeguards the rights of EU subjects (by design) and that, by default, processing is only as necessary.

As a result, organisations will need to review and in many cases make significant changes to how they manage and process personal data, as well as to privacy compliance programmes, IT systems and infrastructure.

Organisations are, therefore, going to be looking to IT providers for support.

GDPR: A Guide for Vuzion Ireland Partners covers:

  • GDPR's key points and requirements 
  • Location, Governance, Security, Reporting - the four key categories in which to consider data requirements 
  • The IT solution provider's role
  • Vuzion Ireland and next steps

We've also created a Vuzion Ireland GDPR compliance customer support package, through which partners can offer customers activities to support their journey to compliance - ranging from workshops, to GDPR health-checks, and readiness assessments, delivered by specialist GDPR consultants.