Getting started with Microsoft Azure

Getting started with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure not only delivers capabilities unmatched by any other provider, but offers the most extensive and comprehensive AI (artificial intelligence) services and the largest number of data centres across the globe.

And so, it’s hard to believe that 80% of Microsoft partners are not using Azure!

With its ever-expanding and evolving set of cloud services, you can build, deploy and manage solutions and applications to meet all your customer’s IT requirements, across a hybrid and public cloud infrastructure. 

And at Vuzion, we believe that the reason so few Microsoft partners are using Azure, is because it can be difficult to know where to start.

So, I’ve been working with our Azure team to create this eGuide, to help cut through the
confusion, and to define some easy pathways to start out on with Azure.

In our eGuide, Getting started with Microsoft Azure, we cover:

- Why Azure is so great for you and your customers
- And a look at those easy pathways to start out on

If you'd like some pointers to getting started with Microsoft Azure, do download a copy of our eBook.

Graeme Waring
Vuzion Partner Development Manager, Belfast