Microsoft Azure Cost Management

Microsoft Azure Cost Management

With Azure Cost Management, partners can manage customer resources across multiple clouds, and - while previously available only for Azure subscriptions purchased via credit card or Enterprise Agreement (EA) - Cost Management is now available for Azure in CSP, within Azure Plan.  

Giving partners the ability to monitor and manage cloud spend and optimise efficiency across their customers' cloud solutions and services, Azure Cost Management provides the tools to deliver the value and insights customers have come to expect from their 'trusted provider'.  

Vuzion Cloud Architect, Jonathan Harris, has created an eBook to look at the essential features:

- Dashboards, charts and spreadsheets
- Tracking spending with budgets and alerts
- Resource tags
- Optimisation recommendations
- Increasing customer accountability.

If you'd like more information about Azure Cost Management, please download a copy of Jonathan's eBook - and the Vuzion team is here to help with any further questions you might have.