The MSP’s guide to Microsoft Teams Calling

The MSP’s guide to Microsoft Teams Calling

Despite the number of different types of communication available today - email, chat, social media channels, etc. - the telephone remains an essential business tool.  

And, while there was previously little choice in the type of telephony system available, businesses today can move on from legacy, stand-alone systems, and opt for a cloud-based solution that creates a truly unified communications forum.  

Microsoft’s Teams Calling plans give businesses the flexibility of an internet-based telephony system, integrated into Microsoft 365 Teams and Microsoft Office 365 Teams, and with the ability to also utilise an existing phone system if required.

Complete flexibility!

If you'd like more information about Microsoft Teams Calling plans, download a copy of our eBook, in which we covert:

  • Why Microsoft for telephony and voice
  • Microsoft’s Teams Calling plans: Microsoft 365 Business Voice plans (for up to 300 users) and Phone System plans (300+ users)
  • Teams supported devices
  • And how to get started with offering Microsoft’s Teams Calling plans.