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The Partner Opportunity

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Microsoft 365 

Office 365, Windows 10, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S)

One complete, intelligent, secure solution to help empower your customers’ organisations, Microsoft 365 has been designed to meet a business’s needs, whatever the size.  

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 Microsoft 365 Business
Built for businesses with up to 300 users.
  Microsoft 365 Enterprise
Built for organisations with over 300 users and beyond. 

Microsoft 365 Key Features

M365 Vuzion key feature icons_-05  The familiar, top-of-the-line set of productivity tools, accessed from PC or iOS, Android, or Windows device   M365 Vuzion key feature icons_-02
 Safe, secure online storage, access, and sharing, plus email and calendars, online meetings and group chat
M365 Vuzion key feature icons_-06 Most secure Windows solution, designed to disrupt the malware and hacking industry
     M365 Vuzion key feature icons_-01

 Apps protection and device management, with businesses able to set IT policies to control data on personal and company-owned devices
M365 Vuzion key feature icons_-04  Flexible per-user, per-month billing subscriptions, and licences can be added/reassigned as when needed   M365 Vuzion key feature icons_-03

Office 365 stays up to date, so customers will always be working with the latest version of their favourite applications

Microsoft 365 - Reseller Benefits

With Microsoft 365, partners benefit from broadening service offerings, building a more strategic relationship with customers, and creating long-lasting revenue streams.

Microsoft 365 Business fuses the power and familiarity of Office 365 Business Premium, with tailored Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security capabilities in a single SKU, while Microsoft 365 Enterprise can become central to a customer’s digital transformation, with enterprises no longer viewing the solutions as individual workloads, but forming a coordinated approach to achieve business objectives.

M365 Vuzion reseller benefits icons_-01 
Increased CSP (Cloud Solution Provider channel revenue)

M365 Vuzion reseller benefits icons_-02
 Higher managed services, attach rates and margins

M365 Vuzion reseller benefits icons_-03 
Helps drive customer retention

M365 Vuzion reseller benefits icons_-04 
Greater implementation and consulting services revenue

M365 Vuzion reseller benefits icons_-05
 Lower delivery costs

M365 Vuzion reseller benefits icons_-06
 Improved profitability

Microsoft 365 - Customer Benefits

Microsoft 365 enables organisations to improve productivity while enhancing security.

M365 Vuzion customer benefits icons_-01 
Unlocked creativity – with ink, voice, touch, plus AI and machine learning

M365 Vuzion customer benefits icons_-02 
The broadest and deepest set of apps and services designed to promote teamwork

M365 Vuzion customer benefits icons_-03
 Simplified IT with a single console – unified management across users, devices, apps and services

M365 Vuzion customer benefits icons_-04
 Improved security for data and intellectual property, with built-in intelligent security

M365 Vuzion reseller benefits icons_-04 
Employees empowered to work from anywhere, on any device

M365 Vuzion customer benefits icons_-06
 Flexibility and choice in how to connect, share, and communicate