Microsoft Power Automate

Applications are better when they work together. Microsoft Power Automate creates powerful workflows that help businesses to run smoothly, at speed and scale.

Automated workflows that make the business fly

Microsoft Power Automate is a workflow automation system, enabling the creation of multi-step processes using different applications, all from a simple cloud interface. The easy, template-driven workflow authoring system enables even non-technical users to make quick productivity gains.


Key features

Microsoft Power Automate is like a switchboard for business applications, passing data between them and using it to trigger events. By marrying business software in new ways, it creates a unified application infrastructure that is more than the sum of its parts.

Template driven

Multi-step workflows are easy to create using a template-driven interface. A strong user community has published hundreds of predefined templates for time-saving workflow automations.

Multiple integrations

Microsoft Power Automate integrates with over 260 applications ranging from SharePoint to Twitter and Dropbox, in addition to Microsoft’s own business applications.

AI Builder

Use the same AI Builder functionality that drives PowerApps to build cognitive artificial intelligence services into everyday workflows.

Mobile enabled

Create and manage application workflows using the Microsoft Power Automate mobile app.

Custom connectors

Create custom connectors that bring together applications of your customers’ choosing, including on-premises business software.

Flow checker

Monitor and maintain the health of different automated workflows using a flow checker that analyses their operation and identifies performance issues.

Customer benefits

Customers can solve problems they didn’t even realise they had using Microsoft Power Automate’s simple, accessible multi-step workflow integration system. Once they have automated one workflow, they’ll be hooked.

Streamline tasks

Customers can: start an approval process when someone adds a new item to SharePoint; follow a Twitter user and add them to a spreadsheet when they mention the company; get an email list of tasks due today. Customers can streamline these and hundreds of other tasks to free up space on their daily to-do list.

Seamless collaboration

Team members can collaborate with team members on workflow automation, so everyone can contribute to workflows that serve all participants.

Accessible anywhere

Microsoft Power Automate’s mobile app means that team members can create, run, and check on automated workflows even when out of the office.

Fast productivity

Template-based design lets business users quickly create workflows that solve their most pressing problems with little training.

No installations

Cloud-based operation means fast onboarding with no investment in on-premises hardware.

Data protection

Data protection features enable customers to create workflows that exclude certain data sets, eliminating the risk of data leaks.

Partner benefits

Every so often, a service like Microsoft Power Automate comes along that captures customers’ imagination with a compelling service proposition. It is a simple-to-use toolbox that can drive years of productivity gains and happy clients.

Demonstrable gains

Thanks to Microsoft Power Automate’s simple interface, you can create time-saving multi-step workflows in a matter of minutes. Get your customers hooked on the idea in a five-minute demonstration.

Customer retention

Customers that start using Microsoft Power Automate begin seeing automation opportunities everywhere, creating an extensive range of multi-step workflows that they can’t live without. That means engaged customers that will keep using the service, and recurring revenue for you.

Incremental sale

Microsoft Power Automate works with other Microsoft products including Dynamics 365 and Power BI. Sell it as an add-on to these products as customers become more confident using them.

Consulting revenues

Microsoft Power Automate brings plenty of consulting opportunities. Begin with simple two-step workflows and work your way up to more powerful AI-based automations that extract data from emails in robotic process automation-like scenarios. The opportunity to expand its coverage and transform business operations is limited only by your imagination.


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