Microsoft Power BI

Your customers don’t need to rely on gut feel anymore. Give them a fresh perspective on their business data using this cloud-based analytics system.

Business intelligence - from data to insights

Power BI is a data analytics system that combines data from multiple sources for analysis and visualisation. It uses dynamic dashboards and natural language interfaces to open up fresh business intelligence insights for non-technical employees. Powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud, it offers convenience and quick access.

Power BI

Key features

Power BI brings business intelligence into the modern era with a cloud-based feature set that provides power and simplicity. Simple setup, online access, and easy querying capabilities make it easy to get customers up and running quickly so that they can empower their users to make better decisions.

Mobile access

Customers receive fresh insights from anywhere with a data analytics platform that lives in the cloud.

Quick results

Power BI is powerful but simple. Its fast cloud-based setup and natural language interface offers valuable information to employees, for quick access.

360 visibility

Power BI consumes data from many different sources and features data integrations with many third-party services, giving providing a broad and deep view across all operations.

Instant information

Customers can view up-to-the-minute changes to their data. Real-time dashboards update whenever new information comes through and they can even set up mobile alerts, allowing for fast reaction times.

Custom reporting

Custom reports get the right data to the right people, enabling them to see what’s relevant to them and quickly gain appropriate insights.

Group collaboration

The Pro version of Power BI lets multiple people work on analytics projects together, bringing different expertise and perspectives to their data reporting.

Customer benefits

Knowledge is a valuable currency that can transform how a company does business. Customers can use Power BI to unlock the hidden information in their operations data, turning numbers into knowledge. Here’s how it helps them:

Democratise data

The more employees know, the more powerful the customer’s organisation becomes. Power BI lets everyone derive valuable insights and create bright new ideas.

Data-driven decisions

Hunches are so last century. Power BI lets employees make evidence-based business decisions using up-to-the-minute information, creating accuracy and accountability.

Deep dive analytics

Power BI is both a telescope and a microscope, providing a broad view but letting users drill-down into precise detail. Interactive query tools let them explore and experiment to get the results they need.

Strong support

Power BI customers are never alone. They are part of a 200,000-user community that regularly shares dashboards and data tips.

Partner benefits

Cloud computing has prompted many companies to focus heavily on extracting value from their data. This renewed focus on business intelligence has created a strong growth industry on which partners can capitalise. Below are some of the key partner benefits to selling Power BI as part of a broad Microsoft-powered business portfolio:

Integration fees

Power BI is a flexible tool that provides deep insights into business operations, but customers must learn how to integrate it with their own data. Partners can help.

Company growth

Simpler setup and easier management let partners concentrate on growing their business. Partners grow twice as fast as their peers by selling cloud-based tools like Power BI.

High demand

Customers are eager for more insights to retain their competitive edge. Big data and analytics services expenditure enjoyed a 26% CAGR between 2014-2018 .

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