Microsoft SharePoint Online

Give customers more than a product; give them the tools to build a community. Microsoft SharePoint Online brings all employees together to share knowledge and ideas.

The collaboration system for sharing documents and ideas

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform that lets employees share and store documents and communicate with each other. Its online collaboration features are accessible from desktop and mobile platforms and it gives teams a home on the web, letting them manage their content automatically through highly customisable workflows.


Key features

SharePoint is far more than a simple document management system. With a wide range of content management, workflow automation, and publishing features, it’s a highly configurable knowledge sharing platform that can handle any task a company throws at it.

Mobile access

Keep employees together even when they’re on opposite sides of the world with SharePoint’s dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS.

Content management

SharePoint does more than store files. It lets users organise content and create metadata for management and retrieval, integrating with Microsoft’s OneDrive storage system via Office 365.

Team sites

Give your customers' teams a place of their own online with a dedicated micro-site. It lets them organise and share content, and exchange news and views.

Workflow automation

SharePoint lets employees configure it to suit their needs, creating alerts and workflows based on policies that they define to closely mirror their working processes.

Data protection

Data loss prevention (DLP) watches for sensitive information and stops it from leaving SharePoint’s secure space. In-place hold stops employees from deleting or editing protected content.


News and resources can be widely disseminated across sites designed for all employees to see. Intranets are the perfect way to get all staff on the same page.

Customer benefits

Microsoft SharePoint Online enables people to collaborate, to inform and engage across the company, to transform business processes, and to harness collective knowledge. In addition, SharePoint provides capabilities for organisations to manage data in a secure and compliant manner.

Community building

Customers can create cohesive communities that bring employees together and give everyone a chance to be heard. With SharePoint, no idea is left behind.

Eliminate complexity

Customers can avoid cobbling together makeshift content management and communications systems from a variety of vendors. SharePoint provides everything in one place.

Consistent communication

Forget rummaging through old emails to remember what was said. Teams of employees now have a single place to store their communications and files. Confusion is a thing of the past.

Process efficiency

SharePoint fits the customer’s working practices rather than the other way around. Configurable alerts and automation workflows streamline everyday tasks.

Partner benefits

SharePoint is the glue that brings employees together. It creates a productive space for communication and collaboration with all the tools that your customers need, at their fingertips. By selling the industry standard in content and communications management, you know that your customers will get a product they love from a cloud service provider they respect.

Deep integration

SharePoint integrates with other Microsoft cloud services, such as Office 365 and business applications, giving partners the chance to build broad-ranging profitable solutions that transform the customer’s business.

Higher margins

SharePoint is easy to set up, lowering the cost of sale and boosting partner profits.

Service sales

Powerful configuration options mean that customers will need help creating the perfect SharePoint setup for their business. That creates more revenue opportunities for partners.

Sell compliance

Offer customers in highly-regulated industries more than a collaboration tool. SharePoint’s data loss prevention and in-place hold capabilities make it the perfect choice for creating compliance solutions.

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