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A cloud platform that grows with the business

Microsoft Azure is a global, scalable cloud infrastructure, supporting all your customers' computing and applications requirements across hybrid and public cloud environments. It offers a rich variety of applications and services accessible via simple, secure application programming interfaces.


Key features

Azure isn’t just a cloud infrastructure. It’s a complete ecosystem, blending Microsoft’s own range of cloud-based applications and services with others from thousands of third-party providers. There’s a type and level of service for every business customer on this global platform.

Hybrid ready

Microsoft is a leader in on-premises software and cloud computing. Build and manage the perfect hybrid cloud environment using Azure, System Center, and the Azure Stack on-site cloud system.

Flexible offerings

A mixture of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) lets customers create and manage a mixture of technology resources and services with the right level of detail and control.

Flexible pricing

Azure offers a mixture of reserved instances and other cloud computing options to suit the customer's technology need and budget.

Customer benefits

Microsoft Azure gives customers more than just cloud infrastructure. It gives them the technology tools they need to transform the way they work. It’s scalable, secure, and accessible from anywhere, making it the perfect platform for business growth.


Azure lets you rent computing and storage power as you need it, scaling up and down according to demand. Have the resources you need on demand.

Global coverage

Global Coverage Spanning 54 regions, Azure beats all other cloud providers for its geographic coverage, meaning that it can support customers wherever they need to put their data.

Broad ecosystem

Azure isn’t just a cloud infrastructure; it’s an entire ecosystem. Azure Marketplace and AppSource provide thousands of cloud-based applications and services to give customers the functionality they need.

Groundbreaking innovation

Azure hosts next-generation technologies like AI and blockchain, giving customers access to cutting edge options that they wouldn’t have the resources to develop themselves.

Partner benefits

Microsoft Azure offers a reliable, high-performance cloud infrastructure that spans dozens of countries for maximum flexibility and performance. Whether using it as a basis for other third-party services or as a platform for your own value-added application, it gives you everything you need to serve your customers.

Low competition

In spite of the benefits it offers, 80% of MSPs are not selling Azure today . By embracing this innovative platform, you’ll put yourself ahead of the pack and win more business.

Incremental sales

Use Azure as an integration platform for other services that you integrate and build yourself. This lets you continue adding value for customers incrementally.

Consulting opportunities

Sell consulting services for more complex applications integrations and Azure-based customer solutions. Cloud partners sells 50% more of their own offerings than other Microsoft partners do .

Recurring revenue

Cloud partners have 1.8 times the recurring revenue of other partners and earn higher company valuations than their peers, which can lead to business benefits including better credit terms .

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