Microsoft Azure Cloud Backup

In simple form, backup is the copying of data (systems, applications and user-created content) to a second location, and which can be restored in the event of loss of the original data.

Complete protection for business-critical data

Vuzion Cloud Backup is a solution that protects customer files by backing them up on the tried-and-tested Azure cloud service infrastructure. It backs up customer documents and files to a reliable and secure cloud-based infrastructure, protecting company data from physical and software-based disasters.


Key features

Vuzion Cloud Backup offers convenience and security in a simple service with easy onboarding. Its rich feature set provides enterprise-class protection for even the smallest companies.

Cloud integration

Vuzion Cloud Backup backs up information from on-premises and cloud-based applications automatically, providing protection for data in native Azure-hosted services.

Solid security

Be sure that only the right people access your backups. Vuzion Cloud Backup protects them using encryption both in transit to the cloud and at rest on cloud storage, protecting files from prying eyes.

On-premises protection

Vuzion cloud backup supports servers on the customer’s own premises and in the cloud. It integrates with the System Center Data Protection Manager or comes as a new Microsoft Azure Backup Server solution.

Regional replication

The cloud backup service backs up Azure virtual machines both in the same geographic region as the primary VM, and in a second region hundreds of miles away to provide better protection.

Customer benefits

For years, customers have grappled with complex software, tapes, and storage arrays spread across multiple sites to back up their software. With Vuzion Cloud Backup, those days are over. The cloud-based service simplifies and secures customer backups, offering several key benefits.


Customers can back up all their applications and data on a single cloud platform, accessing it with a single click through the Azure Portal.

Minimal costs

Instead of refreshing, maintaining, and managing expensive on-site backup equipment, customers can gain peace of mind with a single monthly fee.

Address ransomware

once backed up, primary source data can be restored in the event of a ransomware threat.

Fast recovery

Restoring from physical media belongs to the past, and customers have quick access to backup data due to Azure's rapid recovery capabilitiies.

Partner benefits

Azure Cloud Backup provides better backup services than traditional on-premises backup solutions, and at a lower cost. This enables partners to offer improved services that are easier to set up. Here are some of the benefits you'll experience selling backup services that live in the cloud:

High demand

With 64% of organisations currently purchasing backup and restoration services from partners, demand for these services is high, increasing the sales opportunity for partners.

Minimal investment

The days when MSPs had to build their own data centres and populate them with equipment to offer backup services are over. The infrastructure investment with Vuzion Cloud Backup is practically zero.

Superior SLAs

Microsoft’s high-redundancy, globally-dispersed cloud infrastructure makes it possible to offer high guaranteed levels of uptime, helping partners to reassure customers about the reliability of the cloud.

Cloud native

Cloud Backup is a cloud-friendly service. Vuzion Cloud Backup can back up entire virtual machines, enabling partners to support virtualised infrastructures.

*Microsoft Cloud Profitability Services

Why Vuzion?

Vuzion is more than just a distributor. Here’s why you should consider us when looking for a technical partner to support your business.

We know you’re unique

We are an in-depth aggregator that builds strong relationships with our partners, understanding their individual business needs.

We know cloud

Our cloud knowledge runs deep. We consult with customers on how to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud and manage it afterwards.

Decades of experience

We have built our computing expertise over years of operation through our parent company, Cobweb, founded in 1996.

We understand

We are headquartered in UK, so we understand local business needs and offer 24*7 support.

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