Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery strategy details the steps needed to enable a business to be back up and running following a critical incident - and will be as individual as the business itself.

Bounce back from disasters with cloud recovery

With organisations becoming ever more dependent on IT for running their business, IT continuity has become an increasingly important element of a business’s disaster recovery strategy, enabling the business to reduce risk and continue to operate as quickly as possible if a disaster occurs.


Key features

Due to the agility and flexibility cloud offers, increasing numbers of businesses are turning to the cloud to address disaster recovery requirements. At Vuzion, we work with you and your customers to assess, plan and implement a disaster recovery solution based on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Failover services

Replicating data and applications in the cloud enables disaster recovery customers to quickly switch to the cloud-based service if their primary infrastructure becomes unavailable.

Cloud native

Vuzion Disaster Recovery operates and lives in the cloud, so no additional hardware purchase is necessary. Now your customers can afford disaster recovery.

Regional resilience

Customers can replicate sites across different geographic zones in the cloud, providing increased protection for their operations.

Secure environment

Microsoft built its Azure cloud service with data protection in mind. Replicate encrypted virtual machines in the cloud to keep them secure.

Testing support

Vuzion provides test failover services for customers to ensure that their failover processes work flawlessly.

Customer benefits

Disaster can strike in various guises, resulting from human error, hardware issues, cyberattack, or natural disaster - such as fire and flood. The impact can be potentially devastating, and involving loss of revenue, and damage to a business’s customer relationships and reputation.

Simple testing

In the past, disaster recovery has been difficult to test smoothly without disrupting operations. Vuzion Disaster Recovery makes it easier to test site failover in the cloud without costly and cumbersome on-site procedures.

Minimal costs

Customers don’t need to spend time and money setting up expensive equipment on multiple sites to manage disaster recovery.


Vuzion’s team of experts work with the customer to tailor a disaster recovery solution that meets their exact needs, meaning that the customer doesn’t have to compromise on safety or convenience.

Simple setup

Built-in multi-site recovery from the cloud removes the need for complex on-premises setup.

Partner benefits

When you sell Vuzion Disaster Recovery, you’re selling peace of mind as a service, to customers in the cloud and those that want to maintain IT infrastructure at their own offices and data centres. Here are some of the benefits that Vuzion partners can expect:

Untapped market

30% of companies in Europe are without discovery plans, providing partners with a ready source of customers to serve.*

Disaster recovery consulting

A good disaster recovery strategy is based on proper risk analysis. Use this service to support broader disaster recovery consulting for customers.

Compliance drivers

Companies must often provide minimal uptime SLAs of their own for customer service or compliance purposes. Create a compliance solution with a robust disaster recovery programme.

Microsoft SLAs

As a leading global cloud service provider, Microsoft is experienced in meeting strict service level agreements. Use its own uptime guarantees to support your own SLAs with customers.

*Source: Microsoft Cloud Profitability Scenarios

Download our Disaster Recovery service sheet to find out more:

Why Vuzion?

Vuzion is more than just a distributor. Here’s why you should consider us when looking for a technical partner to support your business.

We know you’re unique

We are an in-depth aggregator that builds strong relationships with our partners, understanding their individual business needs.

We know cloud

Our cloud knowledge runs deep. We consult with customers on how to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud and manage it afterwards.

Decades of experience

We have built our computing expertise over years of operation through our parent company, Cobweb, founded in 1996.

We understand

We are headquartered in UK, so we understand local business needs and offer 24*7 support.

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