Microsoft Azure Identity & Access Management

Don’t let data thieves impersonate your customers’ employees. Vuzion’s Azure Identity Access Management protects users, applications, and data by ensuring that the right people get the right access to the right resources.

A user directory for the 21st century

Vuzion's Azure Identity Access Management is a cloud-based system built on Microsoft Active Directory that retains and manages user identities, authenticating and authorising access to company resources. We've combined the service with our own consulting expertise to provide an easy onramp to cloud-based IAM for your customers.


Key features

Particularly with employees accessing data remotely, identity is important in the cloud. Vuzion's Azure’s identity management services use Microsoft’s best-in-class Active Directory service to store and reference identity information, ensuring that only the right people have access.

Advanced authentication

Azure IAM supports a variety of authentication methods in the cloud. including utilising hardware security keys, Microsoft Authenticator, and biometrics via Windows Hello.

Highly scalable

Identity and access management in the cloud scales to suit every need and can support a handful of small business users, or thousands of employees.

Office 365 integration

Many Azure users keep their sensitive data and communications in Office 365. Because Microsoft created the Azure cloud infrastructure, the identity and access management tool, and Office 365, everything works together seamlessly.

Authenticate everywhere

Azure customers can protect their users when accessing applications in the cloud or on their own premises with Azure Identity and Access Management’s hybrid support.

Consultation expertise

Vuzion’s experts will work with your customers in a workshop setting that helps them decide on the right configuration and features for their business.

Hybrid ready

Vuzion helps customers to synchronise their on-premises Active Directory implementations with the Azure directory, creating a seamless combination of cloud and on-site security.

Customer benefits

Vuzion’s Azure Identity and Access Management protects customers from one of the most dangerous modern cybersecurity attacks: account hijacking. An attacker who gains access to sensitive cloud-based applications could do serious damage to a company. With Microsoft’s technology securing employee identities and managing their access, only the right people get in. It offers several important benefits to customer organisations:

Secure SSO

Customers using Vuzion’s Azure Identity and Access Management don’t need to remember a long list of usernames and passwords. Single sign-on means that one login grants access to all the applications users need.

Consistent security

A single user directory lets companies enforce policies consistently for their employees, reducing security and access loopholes left open through human error.

Layered protection

Microsoft access controls provide extra access protection beyond passwords. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) uses extra information such as hardware devices or biometrics.

Partner benefits

With cloud security high on the list of customer concerns, Azure Identity and Access Management is a powerful tool that partners can use to offer companies peace of mind when migrating to the cloud.

Sell security

Safety is a powerful customer motivator. Partners can offer Vuzoin’s Azure IAM as part of a watertight end-to-end security solution that integrates across all the products and services they use.

Vuzion expertise

Vuzion can help you and your customer on the IAM journey, guiding you and your customers through assessment, implementation, and management.


Vuzion offers training services that can turn you into an industry expert, empowering you to create enterprise-class identity management solutions for your customers.

Extra services

Make Azure part of a broader service set, to include policy-driven information protection, self-service password resets, and group management.

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