Microsoft 365 for enterprise

Offer your customers enterprise-grade productivity and security across the desktop and the cloud in one convenient solution.

A security and productivity system for the modern enterprise

Microsoft 365 for enterprise serves larger companies (300+ users) with enhanced features that protect devices, data, and users. It combines Office 365 Enterprise, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, and the Enterprise edition of Windows 10 to offer the highest level of security for corporate data.

Microsoft 365

Key features

Microsoft 365 Enterprise offers all the productivity and security benefits of Microsoft 365 Business, with additional enterprise-level features. These include an advanced desktop environment and extra security protections that make it even more difficult for attackers to reach corporate data.

Active Directory

Microsoft’s industry leading identity directory service protects user information.

Device Guard

Windows 10 Enterprise includes enhanced anti-malware capabilities that harden the operating system against attackers, ensuring that only approved code can run.

Windows Hello

Safeguarding the Windows operating system and enterprise resources against unauthorised access.

More storage

Double the storage for individual emails, giving employees plenty of space for their communications yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Power BI Pro

Power BI Pro brings data to life by connecting to hundreds of data sources, creating the visualisation of the data with live dashboards and reports, and enabling the sharing of insights across a customer's organisation to help drive intelligent action.

Advanced Threat Protection

Enabling the identification of suspicious user and device activity with both known-technique detection and behavioural analytics, and the analysis of threat intelligence from the cloud and on-premises.

Customer benefits

Larger companies can use Microsoft 365 Enterprise to unite their employees on an integrated platform that covers all their productivity, management, and security needs. Bundled Windows 10 licences offer a stress-free procurement and management process that gets customers up and running quickly and frees them to focus on their business.

Fully integrated solution

Microsoft 365 Enterprise offers everything that the customer needs for a secure productivity solution in one easy package, serving multiple device types with cloud-based Office 365 software.

Predictable pricing

Subscription-based pricing gives companies a predictable total cost of ownership on a per employee, per month basis. It also shifts capital costs to operating expenses so they don’t have to put server hardware on the balance sheet.

Secure operations

Microsoft 365 Enterprise’s advanced security features offer even more protection for devices and data, adding powerful defences against unauthorised logins and malicious software.

Access anywhere

Storing productivity data in the cloud makes it available from anywhere at any time from any device.


Azure Active Directory offers an identity and access management service that can power many other applications in the cloud, creating a useful platform for further developments.

Partner benefits

Microsoft 365 Enterprise’s enhanced security features target a larger, more sophisticated customer with a higher budget. Partners can break into larger contracts using this next-level cloud-based service.

Security projects

Many customers are moving to the cloud for security reasons. Microsoft 365 Enterprise offers a range of security features that will help reassure them and creates pull-through project revenue opportunities for partners.

Margin boost

Cloud-based security projects based on Microsoft 365 deliver margins of 40-45%, mirroring those of direct project products*.

Higher revenues

Microsoft 365 Enterprise offers 50% greater revenue per user than Office 365, and a $700 margin*.

Hardware sales

The Windows Enterprise licences offered as part of Microsoft 365 Enterprise create an opportunity to refresh client hardware.

*Source: Forrester

Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

April 2020, Microsoft moved Office 365 ProPlus to be part of the Microsoft 365 family.

Renamed as Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, the solution provides cloud-connected services and applications. 

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