Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

Every customer endpoint device is a possible point of entry for cyber criminals. Lock them all down with a comprehensive cloud-based protection solution.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud is a security and management service for endpoint devices including PCs, Macs, and mobile clients. It is a cloud-based service that lets administrators monitor and protect devices so that cyber criminals can’t compromise and use them to steal company data or attack the enterprise network.

Key features

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud uses the same underlying scanning technology that Symantec has developed for its enterprise customers, delivering a rich set of security features that can thwart the most sophisticated online attackers.

Machine learning

Powered by the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, advanced machine learning analyses trillions of files to understand and block emerging attack techniques.

Cloud based

This cloud-based solution features an online self-service portal that makes administrators’ jobs easier. Setup takes minutes, and employees can enrol devices quickly online.

Mobile management

Customisable rules enforced by software agents delivered directly from the cloud enable the management of both company- and employee-owned devices. Enpoints can be protected wherever they are, using remote locking and data wiping capabilities

Crowd sourced security

Reputation analysis scores individual files using key attributes such as download frequency and location, drawing on community feedback for an up-to-date perspective.

Access policies

Control access to company networks using policies based on device ownership and security status.

Device control

Don’t let customers fall victim to USB-delivered malware. Control access to device components using granular endpoint management capabilities.

Customer benefits

Customers worried about endpoint compromise can rest easy with this comprehensive low-friction security solution, which protects all their endpoints with state-of-the-art scanning technology.

Easy setup

Symantec’s cloud-based product uses a simple online interface to set up management and security for a customer’s endpoint infrastructure in minutes.

Extensive integrations

Integration with a range of identity providers makes it easy to import information about device users and ensure they have access only to the resources they need.

Simple management

Customers can control every aspect of device usage and access to corporate resources from a single powerful online interface that provides complete visibility.

Instant protection

Custom alerts notify administrators of suspicious device activity in real time, helping them to head off emerging attacks.

Complete compliance

Satisfy industry regulations by demonstrating effective cybersecurity and information access controls across the entire endpoint infrastructure.

Partner benefits 

It’s always easier to sell security solutions from a trusted provider with a strong brand. Symantec offers you a flexible, functional solution from a company that you and your customers can trust.

Low friction

The cloud-based setup process takes as little as five minutes using default security policy configurations, making it quick and easy to onboard customers.

Flexible pricing

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud offers a range of pricing options for a smoother sale. Per-user or per-device subscriptions with monthly or annual terms provide options to suit every customer’s budget.

Incremental revenue

Add encryption and server-based subscriptions to contracts as customers become more confident with the service, increasing your revenues over time.

Strong support

Round-the-clock technical support provides a valuable lifeline for partners facing technical queries from customers.

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