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With an in-depth analysis of cloud products and services, our whitepapers look at the latest trends and current issues around Cloud Solutions and provide valuable market insights for your business.

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tick_blue  One-day workshop to review existing on-premises applicatsions, systems and infrastructure, discuss pain point and concerns, and outline the business's future plans
tick_blue  Collate, analyse, and evaluate data, performance and workload metrics 
tick_blue  Presentation of the customer's cloud discovery report 

tick_blue  What is Microsoft Business 365?
tick_blue  Microsoft 365 Business: Partner Benefits
tick_blue  What is Microsoft 365 Enterprise?
tick_blue  Microsoft 365 Enterprise: Partner Benefits
tick_blue  The Expanded Partner Opportunity

tick_blue  General Data Protection Regulation's key points and requirements
tick_blue  What can organisations can do to prepare for GDPR?
tick_blue  The 4 key areas for customers to consider when looking at personal data
tick_blue  The IT solution provider’s role
tick_blue  Vuzion and next steps

tick_blue  Microsoft’s four guiding steps to becoming a cloud MSP
tick_blue  Benefits of the MSP model for the customer
tick_blue  Benefits of the MSP model for the Provider
tick_blue  Selling wihin the Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) programme

tick_blue  How can EM+S help your customers?
tick_blue  Azure Active Directory
tick_blue  Azure Rights Management
tick_blue  Microsoft Intune
tick_blue  Advanced Threat Analytics

tick_blue  21st Century Meetings
tick_blue  Benefits of Modern Meetings
tick_blue  Conferencing Tools
tick_blue  Cloud PBX & PSTN Conferencing
tick_blue  Skype for Business vs Competitors

tick_blue  eSignatures – their uses & benefits
tick_blue  DocuSign as used across department
tick_blue  Integrating DocuSign with Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365
tick_blue  How esignatures saves time & money

tick_blue  What is Microsoft Azure?
tick_blue  How to sell Azure to your customers?
tick_blue  Cost & Scalability
tick_blue  Security
tick_blue  Maintenance

tick_blue  Features & Functionality
tick_blue  What are the Benefits?
tick_blue  Adding Value to Office 365
tick_blue  Migration Tips
tick_blue  The Myths

tick_blue  What is the CSP Programme?
tick_blue  Benefits of the CSP Programme
tick_blue  How to join?
tick_blue  How to choose an Indirect Partner?